Friday, February 1, 2008

Flashback: David Meece

The very first time I heard David Meece was on a local radio station. I remember the announcer too. He worked here in Ohio and ended up at the same station I did years later in Illinois. Small world. Gene played David's "God Holds The Future." I was hooked on Meece's music ever since. I don't quit remember it too well, but I think the LP (yes kiddies, LP) cover, he was in a jogging outfit. I couldn't get enough of that song...until, this one came out, "Are You Ready?"

Of course David may be remembered more for "Seventy Times Seven" and his signature song "We Are The Reason." However, I could never get over the saxaphone and the somber feel of "Are You Ready?" That was back in the early eighties I believe. The truth of that song is as real today, and maybe more so, than ever.

In the nineties I helped coordinate a "listeners meet the artists" contest for a few years. Two fortunate people would be flown to Nashville, round trip accomodations, and have dinner with some of the popular CCM artists of the time. I don't remember the exact year of this picture, it may be circa '93 or '94. It was great to spend time with the artists and our winners were thrilled. In the picture is the group Sierra, David Robertson and of course David Meece. I was glad to finally meet David myself and tell him how much his music has touched me through the years.

Bottom Row, L to R: Wendy of Sierra, David Robertson and Debra of Sierra.
Top Row, L to R: Yours Truly, Jennifer of Sierra and David Meece

So, below is a sample of one of my favorites. I know that music is progressive and that new styles are developed but I sure do miss some of the old classics. Well, all, that's it for another week. Let's remember that God is truly good and he "does" give good gifts to his children. Even at times when things are hard, our Lord will never leave us or forsake us. David's song is apropos "Are You Ready?" Be well and have a great weekend.

Are You Ready?

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  1. We have "We Are the Reason" in our Hymnal and every so often we sing it. But it only has the chorus and it really bothers me. Every so often I'll do a solo during our service and I think I'd like to do that one sometime.