Thursday, February 21, 2008


And all my days are numbered
All my steps are ordered
Every breath of every moment
I have now belongs to you
I belong to you

It all goes by so quickly. It seems like yesterday that I got my first bicycle. I even remember my first ballglove and my love of baseball. I remember the first time sitting behind the microphone of a radio station. The day I got married. The years of playing baseball, running, taking vacations and so much more. Plus some of the sorrows as well. My mother’s passing, relatives passing away, and now some of the problems I deal with.

The line of this song by Michael English called “Time” from his new CD coming out Tuesday hits home, “My steps are ordered.” This I do know: Jesus has been there through every step of the way. Even during my times of so-called self sufficiency, pride and self-reliance, it was still the Lord that provided any good gift that I experienced.

I’m no longer the kid running wildly through the fields of the old farm I lived on. But, inside, I know someday I’ll run, jump and dance in the presence of my Lord. Yes, all my days are numbered and all my steps are ordered. But that’s okay. Now, that I’m a bit older I lean on him more. He truly is all I can really trust and believe in for eternity. It says to remember the creator in the days of our youth. Now that I am older, I’m certainty glad that I did.

So listen to a clip of this new song that’ll be on Michael’s new release coming out Tuesday. All in all, Jesus is my everything. I wouldn’t have made it this far without him. I owe him everything. May the peace of Christ be with you all!

"Time" clip by Michael English

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  1. There have been a lot of good--or at least interesting--songs about time. It's something we all think about since we are subject to it.

    We look back on time wasted. We worry about how much time we have left to get something done or even live. We sometimes wish time would stop or that we could go back in time (hey, that's a Huey Lewis song!).

    Now, here's a really obscure old CCM song that I've always loved. Let's see if you can remember this one:

    Only Time
    by Crumbächer

    Midnight, the stars are shining
    Frequencies that tease the ear
    Parade across the atmosphere

    Daylight, the sun is rising
    Awake to some familiar score
    That filled my dreams the night before

    It's only time
    It's only time
    Tracing your infinite design

    Noontime, a breeze is blowing
    Could it be that second wind
    Heard talked about now and again

    Twilight, the west is glowing
    A tapestry of sillhouettes
    Unfold before the day forgets

    It's only time
    It's only time
    Tracing your infinite design

    Seconds turn to minutes
    Turn the hours
    Turn the world
    Into another day
    Another thousand years

    It's only time
    It's only time
    Tracing your infinite design