Monday, February 18, 2008

What Can Be Found In "Lost"

Almost two weeks ago I told you about a new book called, "What Can Be Found In Lost." Mine arrived and I read it in one day! It's authored by John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs. It's less than two-hundred pages and it's a nice read. For any of us who are "Lost" fans I recommend this book. It does deal with Christianity as well. So the unbeliever might pick this book up due to it's subject with "Lost" and might get some spiritual insight about our Lord.

Each chapter deals with a different subject. E.g.: Lost on God, Lost on Prayer, Lost on Miracles, etc. The book's chapters are based in three parts: The authors discuss dialogues of the characters when they talk about spiritual issues. The second part shows what the scriptures really teach and the third part is "Lost Talk." Various questions you can use in a discussion group.

Ankerberg and Burroughs throw in a disclaimer. They are not saying that "Lost" is a Christian show. They say it addresses spiritual issues and they point out what the Word of God really says regarding these things.

"Lost" is my favorite show. Actually, it's the only regular TV show I watch. I do catch the news and weather but that's about it. So, I recommend this book. I hope everyone has a great week. Be well all.

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  1. I wish I watched this show! That book sounds really neat!

    That's so cool that your nephew got to meet the president!