Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The End Of The Rope

Normally I keep this blog somewhat hopefully inspirational. In my reading of the Word, even King David and Job despaired of their own lives. Isn't it odd that we admire these men of the Word but get a bit discouraged at those around us who become weary of life? Kind of wrong, I think. Today's post is probably the most serious one I've ever written.

Many years ago I knew a very special lady. For her privacy I'll call her Helen. We were on the phone. It was obvious she was in dire straits. Complications with her family didn't help matters either. I had known her for a very long time. She was basically a loner of sorts, hated crowds and had a very artistic flair. This day, all of her hopes and aspirations were gone. Her broken voice filtered through the lines to my receiver. There was no doubt she had been crying for some time. I had seen her sad, happy, serious and funny in a whimsical way. Today, though, was one side I had never experienced. She was on the verge of taking her life. In a staccato speech mixed with tears she told me she had a knife to her throat. She had come to the end of her rope.

I tried to find the reason for the distress. It seemed to me she had everything to live for. She was healthy, well-educated, attractive, financially secure and much more. I thought, "How could she not love life?" She told me that all hope was gone. She resorted to drinking as a balm to her troubled life. She asked me the most poignant question, "Why shouldn't I just cut my throat now?" Now, sometimes, in a serious situation I try to diffuse things with my humor. This however, wasn't the right time. In my mind I thought, "Well, it could hurt." I wasn't about to use this line. All I can remember is that I told her to do me a favor and at least drop the knife and talk to me. She did.

So, for the next few minutes I tried to pry out of her the hurt, anger, or whatever emotion that was bringing her to this point. She finally admitted that her father thought she was a failure. Or at least that is what he thought of her that day. I tried to reassure her that we all have said things in haste. I tried to remind her of all of the great qualities she had, the caring soul within her and all the wonderful gifts and talents she had. I wanted Helen to know that it wasn't worth one bad comment to destroy her life. However, I do know how hurtful words can be.

Another thing though is that she's not a believer. I don't know how many times I had told her of the love of Jesus. To this day though, she thinks it is a myth. The good news is: she is better. The drinking is gone and she seems somewhat better with her life. My sadness comes in the fact she doesn't know Christ. And what's even more tragic is there are believers that despair of life and want to end it all. I disagree with those who say suicide is a selfish act. I think it takes a brave person to end it! Just my thought. However, I don't recommend it. Some psychologists say that those who commit suicide even in that moment are looking for happiness. I agree with that comment.

In closing, I'm glad I was there that day to help her through that ordeal. Helen is a very selfless person. My greater hope is that someday she will look at the creation around her and know that the Lord exists! Those of us who do believe, know that God said that even the creation proves his existence. I know many of us have seen some pretty dark days in our lives. And...to be frank...I wonder how some people seem to be happy all the time. It reminds me of a line out of the novel "Rich Man Poor Man" where Rudy Jordache meets this woman who was smiling and radiant. He said, "No one can be that happy!" But, Irwin Shaw wrote that novel and it definitely comes from a normal person's thoughts. Someday, those of us who know Christ will have total bliss. For now, as Michael Card so aptly wrote it, "there is joy in the journey!" May the peace of Christ be with you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost: Season 5 Finale

What a tremendous two hours for a finale. There's not much I can say that could add to the excitement of this "showdown" from last night's endings. Well, I'll just throw in some of my random thoughts. We finally get a glimpse of Jacob. Obviously, the guy never ages like Richard (Mr. Eyeliner). However, Jacob is still vulnerable to death. For whatever reason Jacob didn't approve of Benjamin. What a stinging reply when Ben asked Jacob, "What about me?" Jacob says, "What about you?" The indictment is clear, Jacob didn't care about Ben but had some affinity for Locke for whatever reason. I don't think we've seen the end of Jacob though.

There was the obvious dispute of Jack and Sawyer. Sawyer beat the crap out of Jack until Juliet said "stop." Juliet still feels that Sawyer's heart is with Kate. So, they all decide the bomb goes down the hole. More on this love thing in a bit.

I can't think of the antagonistic operator of the drilling, you know, the sour guy with the glasses. They need to erase him. However it seems that Chang understands what is happening and at one point, Miles yells out to him, "Dad." Good moment.

There's more to this Ra Sun God than is being let on. Plus after reading Wikepedia there is an antagonist that goes against Ra. Obviously the old statue is holding the ankh, the Egyptian cross that has something to do with eternal life. So, I do know that Richard isn't Ra, but I don't think Jacob is either. Somehow I think they tapped into that power. Now this I do believe. In three countries there are obelisks that represent the sun. One, is in Egypt, one in Rome AND one in D.C. Coincidence. I wonder.

I just can't get that scene of Juliet out of my mind. Sawyer was holding on to her with all of his might. He didn't want her to fall into the pit. She kept screaming out, "I love you, I love you." Call me a romantic, but that was "the" best scene in the whole episode. I've been there. Well, not in a hole hanging on for dear life! Juliet truly loves Sawyer but feels that Kate is in the way. But even before her grip loosens, she keeps saying "I love you" to him. When you are in that kind of moment, real truth comes out. I know its fiction, but stories are representations of real life at times. For I once had someone tell me that she loved me with her whole heart and walked away from me. I was devastated. Who said that it was better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? I'd sure like to talk that person. There are times when "maybe" its best not to fall in love at all. I'm just rambling. For if you don't love, you can't be hurt. I'm not saying I truly believe this. But, in life aren't we all looking for love and acceptance? That is what makes this show so unique. The whole world is looking for love. But, maybe in the wrong places. Not to sound all country music now, ha. But, I just can't get over that scene with Juliet. The best scene ever. Well, now the hiatus. Season six will end the whole thing as they flashed the banner for the end saying the next season would reveal the destiny. It's going to be a long summer. Be well all.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lost: Follow The Leader

Well "Lost" is headed for a season finale showdown. Tonight's episode was rather good. It seems like everyone is going different directions. I cannot wait to find out who "Jacob" really is. And...for John Locke's motive for wanting him gone! Plus, I felt for Eloise when she found out that she had shot her own son Daniel. Plus, Chang finds out that Miles is his son. And...it seems like Jack and Kate are at an impasse. However my favorite scene was with Sawyer and Juliet. They were talking about having each "other's back." I have a friend named Susan where she said a long time ago that she really felt good when she had friends who'd "have her back!" I never forgot that.

When Kate shows up, I know Juliet is worried that Kate is going to come between them. It seems evident to me, at least right now, that Sawyer is going to remain with Juliet. However, with the show, it can change on a dime, or a time travel, ha.

I'm still bummed that Daniel got off'ed by his own mother. But, we'll see what happens. Eventually, I hope they explain "Jacob" and also the "smoke monster." As far as I'm concerned, "Lost" is still the best thing going. So many of the characters have really been favorites. I know it's a TV show, but it's one great hour of escapism. Viva Lost!

Win XP Extended

This is a post I never published. But, it still makes for good reading! Plus, this was on current news I read. However, you never know when the company will change their minds!

It looks like Win XP will be supported with updates until 2014. I'm glad to hear that. Originally the ax date was going to be a lot sooner. I am running XP on my home computer and I've always been fond of XP. When I purchased my notebook it came pre-installed with Vista. Can't say I like Vista all that well. It's bloated with a lot of stuff I just don't need. However, that's the way it came, so I have to deal with it. The good thing is that XP is on the home machine. I do all my sound editing, VO work and more with apps that work well with my XP Pro. I was concerned that if I had to go to Vista I might have to purchase upgrades to this expensive software that I have. Well, it looks like I dodged the bullet for now.

My view on XP? If it isn't broke, don't fix it. XP to me is a fine OS, but no, Microsoft can't leave their tweaking little hands alone on things. I know eventually that XP will say goodbye. But, I'm glad I can buy a little time until then. There's just so many small irritations with Vista that annoy me. And...maybe the outcry from others like myself thwarted Microsoft from scrapping XP too soon. Sure, it's been around awhile. But, back to my major premise. If it's not broke, don't fix it. In amusement but also with sadness sometime back I read my friend Joel's blog. He had mentioned that his bank had switched the interface and he had to click through a myriad of prompts to get to where he wanted to be. When, before, he could get there in two clicks.

Word to Microsoft, software makers, et.al. If it's not broke, again, don't fix it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The End Of Pontiac

They say all good things must come to an end. Actually I'm sorry to see this one happen. GM is stopping the Pontiac line of vehicles. Just yesterday I saw a plethora of Pontiacs on the road. One of my brothers is a big Pontiac fan. Plus, who can forget the "Monkees" and the tricked-out Pontiac, "Knight Rider" with the Trans-Am and "Smokey And The Bandit?" My friend Rosemary drives a Pontiac Grand Am GT, my brother had his share of Grand Prix and Grand Ams. Plus, I used to drive a Pontiac Bonneville. I've always liked the styling of the Pontiac. Especially the Bonnevilles. I think GM made a mistake there, but so goes the show. The only thing I didn't like about the Grand Ams is that I felt they rode too low. I always felt that my posterior was dragging the ground! That is the only drawback I ever had with them. But, things change as they always do. And...back in the seventies my friend had a Pontiac GTO with the deuce carburetors! That thing would fly. Oh well.

Bryan and me circa 1993

Just a couple of quick mentions. I was happy to land some new VO work which made me extremely happy. So, that was a good thing. And...how I love Bryan Duncan's music. When I added music for the stations, there was only one artist that I ever put a single into heavy rotation immediately, and that was Bryan Duncan! Actually, the rep wasn't happy that I did that. He said the shelf life would be shorter. Of course the rep was glad that I added the song, but you try to typically get three solid months from a single. He was worried that the song would burn out too quickly. He had a point, but after all, this is Bryan Duncan! Bryan has been a big subject lately. Some of my other friends love Bryan's music too. I love his performance on "Perfect Timing" when he was with the Sweet Comfort Band. As far as his solo work goes, my favorite song of all time is "When I Think Of Home." That song gets to me every time I listen to it. Well, that's all for today. Be well all.

When I Think Of Home