Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flashback: Sweet Comfort Band

The Sweet Comfort Band was one of my favorite groups in the eighties. Bryan Duncan's front man vocals were always mesmerizing to me. Bryan along with brothers Rick and Keith Thomson; and Randy Thomas formed a group that had a great appeal to me. Their music was unique in its style. My friend Marty and I would listen to their music over and over. Their final release as a group was my favorite as well, "Perfect Timing." Bryan went on to do a solo career and a great one at that. Plus, Randy Thomas became a part of the group "Allies."

I was always impressed with Bryan's voice. His solo career had one song that has become a staple for me called, "When I Think Of Home." Below, listen to samples of "Perfect Timing" and it includes my favorite song from the release, "You Lead Me To Believe." Also, a clip of Bryan's "Home" song that I admire so well is included.

Just for fun, here's a picture of Bryan Duncan and me in Nashville right after an interview. He thought it would be fun to look like we were being arrested and, hence, the photo. I still get a kick out of the photo and liked Bryan's humor! By the way, wait till you see the picture of Phil Keaggy and me dancing! That's for another day though. Sorry, you'll have to wait! For now, enjoy some clips as we look back to some great days of CCM!

Perfect Timing Clips

When I Think Of Home


  1. Bryan Duncan. Most amazing, smooth chops you'll ever hear.

  2. Sweet Comfort Band was awesome. I agree - Perfect Timing was a great album - and Bryan D to this day is one of the best singers I've ever heard.