Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weather Déjà vu

It's ironic that it was exactly the same time last year here in Ohio that we got dumped upon with the snow. I don't think it's as bad, so far anyway, as last years but I've had about enough of it already.

We went through a week or two of cloudy days, no sun shining and then to this. As you have gathered, I'm not a winter person. If I had my druthers, I would much rather live in North Carolina or South Carolina. I hope I can retire there someday.

I had a chance to work outside of Raleigh NC a few years ago. I was offered a voice-over position for an agency that produced church radio programs for radio stations. I didn't take it. Kick me now! Then, I was offered a Station Manager's position of an Adult Contemporary Christian station in uppper New York state. I declined. This is as far north as I ever want to go again.

My friend Roland of eighteen years was a senior pastor in Dallas Texas and hated the weather. When I visited him, I thought, "I could live here." Now, he is in Northern Minnesota. He wants me to visit. But, it'll be in the summer. The older I get the more I hate ice, snow, sleet and anything under 50 degrees.

It seems here in Ohio that our summer months are fewer and fewer. And...they talk about global warming! Yeah right, pull the other leg. Ha! For those of you who love the cold, have my share. I'll gladly give it to you. If it stayed summer all year long, I'd be a happy camper. If I never saw the leaves change, fall or winter take place ever again, it would be way too soon. I normally place a picture on my posts, but I will refrain from it today. It's just too saddening is all.

However, this just happens to be where I am at right now and have to deal with it. Of all days I have to go out of town, it is today, with the freshly fallen snow. I know the scriptures say to be thankful in all things. Well, this one is of such magnitude I think I'll have to pray extremely long about. I sure can't wait till I can don the denim shorts, T-shirt and ball cap for the summer. Till then, God is still good. He is on the throne and we are blessed indeed. Snow or no snow. Be well.

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