Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Roland!

True friends in this life are a real treasure. When you find a few, hang on to them. One of my dearest friends ever, is Roland Boyce. It's been an eighteen year friendship that continues to this day. Roland celebrates his birthday today and I surprised him with a phone call.

If you'd ever meet Rol you'd like him. You'd find a man full of integrity, kindness, and most importantly Godliness. To me, he is a trusted brother, mentor and friend. His characteristics shows me that he truly has the heart of a pastor. Beyond his ministry, I got to know a man that is full of caring, compassion and understanding.

You can gauge a person many times by their actions matching their words. He has been there for me so much. He always backed his words with action in my life. He told me that he would always be there as a brother and a friend. And...he has. Conversely, he said I have been there for him too. I'm humbled by those words he spoke. In my dictionary of words, if you look up the words "faithful believer", you'll find Rol's picture there. God, I believe, delights in the faithful that are in his fold. Those who walk the talk.

Happy Birthday my dear brother. I wish you the very best that God can give. I'm thankful that we are friends and I consider it a great honor. Have another slice of cake for me, okay? Again, Happy Birthday my friend.

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  1. What a neat tribute. I hope he gets to see this!