Thursday, April 30, 2009

When It All Goes South

There's an expression that says, "when it all goes south." Most of you know what that means but for the two of you who don't, it means: when it all falls apart. I've been thinking about recent events. I am called by God to pray for those who are in authority. So, we have problems in DC and so much more. The banking industry, the auto giants, credit card companies all in trouble. There's the fight about protecting our country from attacks, the economy and the loss of jobs all over the place. Now, to add to all of that, we have this Swine Flu thing going on!

I was talking with a fellow radio friend about this the other day. Out of nowhere she just asked, "Randy, what makes a person snap?" I didn't have one solid answer for her. I think there are many reasons. Here are just a few of them. One, they could already have a chemical imbalance, another is that the stress of everyday life just gets to them and they lose it, and thirdly, the enemy just finally takes over. Those are just a few of the things that can happen. I went on to mention to her in our conversation that I really don't know how people make it without God in their lives.

So, I want to end today on a positive note. Sure, there are terrible things that are going on. A person would have to be in a remote cave somewhere "not" to know that things are tough. What gets me through is two things. One, I serve a God who is bigger than all of the circumstances around me. Secondly, if I start to get troubled, I think back to all of God's past blessings in my life. He has never let me down! Sure, I have had some pretty rough days in my life. However, I cannot remember a day when I've ever been without food that God didn't supply for me. I have had shelter, food, water, friends, and so much more. Even the scriptures say that with food and clothing, be content! God has done far more than that for me.

Years ago I heard Charles Stanley speak on this very issue. He said that if a person places their security on their health, they can lose it. If they place their security in money, it can be wiped out. He gave several examples. However, he went on to say, if our faith is in the Lord, that is a security that will never go away. Sure, we are in troubled times, but God is still our refuge, a very present help in times of trouble. And, as Gordon Jensen penned it so long ago, "Lift up your heads, your redemption draweth nigh." So, when it all seems to go south, remember someday we'll all be headed in a new direction. And...that is above. Be well all.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost: Faraday

I was so glad that a new ep of "Lost" was coming on. It really revolved around Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies). I really like his character. Although he seems confused and preoccupied the man is a genius and very troubled. However, after tonight's episode I wasn't too fond of Eloise his mother. I won't give the spoiler but the show just didn't end right tonight. One of the sad scenes is when Daniel saw Charlotte as a youngster knowing that as an adult he lost her! Very sad. Jeremy Davies is a great actor and I give him kudos for his portrayal of an obvious genius who seems eccentric. Boy, after tonight's episode, where do they go from here? It's still funny though that Sawyer still gives people nicknames. He called Daniel, H.G. Wells. That's Sawyer for you. Well, that's my recap for this week's ep of "Lost." looks like next week we are in for more!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Look Back

This is a repeat but I felt I should share it again since I was able to have a great chat with Dan R after all these years!

A Look Back

Today, I was able to spend about an hour with one of my old buddies from my radio days in Rockford Illinois, Matt Kramer. If only the station managers knew of some of the pranks that Matt and I pulled on a lot of people including Joel our news director. We also pulled one on Ginger the secretary. I don't think to this day she would even know what Matt and I did. Oh by the way, it wasn't illegal, Matt and I just laughed so much our sides hurt.

In the picture above are some of the guys I miss from the station. There's Dan Reinhard, me, Matt, and Mike Gearhart. You could say that especially Dan, Matt and myself were pretty tight. I could tell some stories that would knock your socks off but I won't. Well, two anyway. Matt made up a liner for Joel that said, "There will be frost on your pumpkins tonight!" I still laugh at that. Kind of an inside joke but if you think much about it, you'll get it. Then, the other time was when Dan was holding an Aerosmith CD called, "Get A Grip." With a boyish smile he kept saying to me, "Don't ya just love it?, don't ya just love it?!" I still laugh over that. He was so excited and grinning so much. I was laughing because he was so animated. And after all, that CD was contraband! However, we were in a Christian station and I tried to act all "holy" and pretend I didn't like it. However, I really did! Man, I miss those guys.

Matt and I talked for about an hour by phone. At one point I became a bit somber as I missed my buddies from that time period so long ago. Sure, I have friends now and God has been good to me in spite of some things that have happened in my life. However, good memories are always a treat for me. You can see it in the picture. Matt and Dan were two guys that could always get me to laugh. Even though life can take us on many different roads, it's nice to look back once in awhile and remember some fond things of years gone by. It's good to know Matt is doing well. I was shocked at a recent pic of Matt. He cut his hair and I didn't think it was "The" Matt Kramer. Now, if I can find Dan. By the way, in that pic, I look so young. Well, I was.

If you remember some old friends in your life, why not give them a call or write a letter. You might just make their day. Have a good weekend everyone and don't forget to "Get A Grip!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lost: A Retrospective?

Well, "Lost" is on again tonight. TV Guide says it's "new." But upon reading what the ep is about, it looks like it's just going to be a retrospective of varying scenes from previous episodes. So, technically, it's "not" new, right? Well, being the avid fan I am, I plan on watching anyway. I really hope though, eventually, the folks of "Lost" will get out of Dharma land and we can have all the pieces of the puzzle put together. Still, all in all, Viva "Lost."

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I've seriously neglected this blog for some time. Really, I just haven't had any interest lately in keeping up. Now, how's that for honesty? I don't know sometimes. As we gear up for some hard times before the near return of the Lord, I guess my thoughts have been elsewhere. Been thinking about other things.

My thoughts will be short today. I was thinking about technology. How far we've come. And...there's the good and the bad. Good as it makes things easier in one sense but in another bad. With all the good things, big brother can watch us more. Well, so goes the show.

I was thinking about how anxious I was "waiting" for my CD burner to take two minutes to burn my CD! I remember the old days when I had to play an entire LP as I was recording it to cassette tape in "real time." Depending on the length of the LP it could be a 45 minute or longer process.

Instant oatmeal, coffee, CD burning, and more. I wonder sometimes if it's going way too fast. I think I know my answer. Be well all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Win XP Extended

This is a post I never published. But, it still makes for good reading!

It looks like Win XP will be supported with updates until 2014. I'm glad to hear that. Originally the ax date was going to be a lot sooner. I am running XP on my home computer and I've always been fond of XP. When I purchased my notebook it came pre-installed with Vista. Can't say I like Vista all that well. It's bloated with a lot of stuff I just don't need. However, that's the way it came, so I have to deal with it. The good thing is that XP is on the home machine. I do all my sound editing, VO work and more with apps that work well with my XP Pro. I was concerned that if I had to go to Vista I might have to purchase upgrades to this expensive software that I have. Well, it looks like I dodged the bullet for now.

My view on XP? If it isn't broke, don't fix it. XP to me is a fine OS, but no, Microsoft can't leave their tweaking little hands alone on things. I know eventually that XP will say goodbye. But, I'm glad I can buy a little time until then. There's just so many small irritations with Vista that annoy me. And...maybe the outcry from others like myself thwarted Microsoft from scrapping XP too soon. Sure, it's been around awhile. But, back to my major premise. If it's not broke, don't fix it. In amusement but also with sadness sometime back I read my friend Joel's blog. He had mentioned that his bank had switched the interface and he had to click through a myriad of prompts to get to where he wanted to be. When, before, he could get there in two clicks.

Word to Microsoft, software makers, If it's not broke, again, don't fix it!