Monday, February 4, 2008

Way Beyond The Blue

Way beyond the blue, where the Father is calling
Let Him take you to a life beyond compare
His love is wider than the skies above you
And He has plans for you, that go way beyond the blue

By far, Steven Curtis Chapman's definitive work in music is the CD "More To This Life." It is one that I treasure the most. Particularly the chorus to the song above, "Way Beyond The Blue."

Everytime I fly, that song always comes to mind. I'm just like a little kid getting candy when I get to fly. I have to have a window seat. I love everything about flying. The takeoffs, the flight itself and the mixed-feeling I get about landing. Oh, yes, I love the landings too. The only sad part about it is that I know the flight is over.

I'm not afraid of heights and flying just seems so natural to me. When I'm seated there looking out over the vast horizon I am just in awe as I take it all in. I savor each minute soaring above the clouds and looking, "way beyond the blue." Sometimes I wonder though: How can I be so brave when others have the "white-knuckle" syndrome when flying? One person I know took a flight and the air-line attendant had to calm him down from the panic. Me, what an upper! I can forgive the stale air and the bad food just for the pure enjoyment of the flight.

When I went to Germany twice, I slept soundly. Turbulence and air pockets didn't even seem to bother me. However, most of my flights have been really good ones. So, the caveat, if there is one, is if I had a bad flight maybe my tune would change.

This brings me to today's point. Why is it that I fret over little things in my life? The seemingly insignificant daily irritations and fears I deal with. I'll worry over something that never happens, fret over an incident that has no merit and at times, to my broken heart, don't trust my Lord enough. But, I can board a gigantic piece of metal traveling at 5 to 600 miles an hour at an altitude of 30 plus thousand feet and be calm! I see people downing motion-sickness pills, some nervously talking and others hanging on to the armrest for dear life and I, well, just lazily look out the window and take it all in. What a contrast!

Some of my happiest dreams revolve around flying. I'll have my arms stretched out like wings soaring over the tops of trees, farmland that look like quilts and manuever my way through the sky gliding and smiling the whole time. Then, I awake. Sadly, my dream is over.

However, even though I don't trust enough in my Lord at certain times and I tell him how sorry I am, I know he still loves me "oh ye of little faith." Someday, unless I pass out of this life first, the Lord will come back, and I'll take the ride of my life! I'll truly go way beyond the blue where the father is calling! I wonder sometimes: Have we heard it for so long that it's just become a song? The Lord is coming back to this earth again. So, until he comes, I'll look out over those blue skies and I know that someday he'll take me "way beyond the blue!" My ticket was purchased 34 1/2 years ago. Bought and paid for by the blood of my saviour! Even so, Lord Jesus, come! Be well all.

Way Beyond The Blue


  1. What a great analogy and how very true. Thanks for this thoughtful, well-worded post, Randy!

  2. The thing I remember the most about that HUGE CD was the arrival of Steven Curtis Chapman's mullet. Man, I miss the old mullet days. I had a nice one for a while--right about the time that Miss Sniz and I started dating.

    I'm a worry wart about the small things, too--and it really bothers me. Just ask me about my basement sometime and the time I've wasted worrying about when it's going to flood again--especially on a day like today when we've already had a bunch of rain and there's more on the way.