Sunday, December 28, 2008

Those Crazy Sayings

Tonight, I got to thinking about some crazy things people say. Not only in real life but the movies too! Some just don't make any sense to me. Here are a few.

Ali McGraw (Jennifer) says: "Love means never having to say your sorry." Ah, excuse me! Really, that has to be one of the worst movie lines I've ever heard. In my estimation, true love means you do say your sorry at times. So, in Ali's case, whomever loves her better be perfect and not mess up so the poor dude doesn't have to say he's sorry and his carcass thrown out the door! Plus, she'd better never have a faux pas and have to swallow her words and say, "I'm sorry."

FDR says, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Really? That quote still advocates believing in some kind of fear. I think he meant well. Maybe it could have been better quoted as, "Do not fear." Period.

Ice Cube in "State Of The Union" says that he's getting ready for World War 4. Hmmm...was number three past and we missed it? Gotta love the movies.

"God helps those who help themselves." This is an old one. Of course, by now, most people know that this isn't in the Bible. This quote belongs to Ben Franklin. Two quick points. One: God does for us what we couldn't do for ourselves and that is to save mankind. Two: We are created in Christ Jesus to do good works. Plus, I do believe that God will give people faith to carry out his commands and he will bless those who do. The bottom line is simply, God did for us what we couldn't do for ourselves.

"Revelations." Yep, "revelations" plural. Now, for fun, I'm getting a bit picky here. But this does irk me. Some well meaning believer says, "You know it says in the book of Revelations...." I know they must mean well, but c'mon. It's also commonly mistaken to call it John's Revelation. To clear this up let's get the proper syntax. "The Revelation of Jesus Christ To Saint John." One revelation in totality given by Christ TO John. Enough said.

Now, for some of those that show no respect for God Almighty or his Word. "The man upstairs", "the Good Book" and those things are just plain bad. Plus, the Word of God does include good things but it is also filled with violence, murder, war, mistrust and other nefarious deeds.

Christy Lane's commercial: "All the songs you ever wanted." This was mentioning her Christmas CD. Hmmm...I'm sure glad the ad execs polled all the U.S. citizens and found out the exact Christy songs we always wanted. Ha.

There's one old CCM song that said: "Jesus was born on Christmas day." What?! Okay, so they are saying that Christmas day was always around and thankfully Jesus just happened to be born on that day. What a horse laugh. Go Mr. Ed.

"Cosmic Cowboy." With all due repects to Barry McGuire and him hanging around old Monkee Mike Nesmith, my Lord shouldn't be referred to as some caricature.

One local charismatic pastor quotes, "the gifts of the Spirit will be in operation." He is referring to his upcoming services. How can he be so sure of what God is going to do on any given day?

Now, this one is from years ago. I still chuckle at this news story. I don't remember the exact details but the news reporter on TV was talking to a man about the tough times that the city was facing. So, the man postures himself to look good and says, "Sometimes you're just caught between a rock and a hard stone!" Man, I still laugh at that one. Aren't they the same? Okay, it was a gaffe. But, this dude tried to look so impressive. And to believe I remembered that from over twenty years ago.

And be fair, I'm going to close with my own personal crazy saying. Years ago at a radio station in Illinois, I was training a lady named Diana in the billing department. Well, I remember we were in discussion about some vital info she'd need and I made the statement "If I don't remember, I'll forget!" Diana burst out in laughter and tears. I think she finally became composed ten minutes later. It was a location thing. In other words, it may not sound funny to you, but maybe it would have been if you had "been there."

Sure, Art Linkletter said that kids say the craziest things. But, many adults have followed suit. Be well.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let Him Go

Obviously the big news is the auto makers problems. A few observations. One, let the CEO go. Seriously, giving this man money to revive GM is like handing a drug addict another dose of heroin. If he can't do the job why would you give him more funds? I've wrestled with this one. I think that if the government loans the big 3 money, then fire the top execs. They aren't getting the job done. I also feel that if the union leaders weren't so greedy and driving up the costs of a company, they too, should be held responsible.

Finally, are people crazy? This whole debacle of a store employee and a pregnant woman being trampled upon for a Walmart blitz is incredible if not ridiculous. It's reprehensible that people would trample over a lady that is pregnant so they can get the latest gadget. As my chiropractor's office manager said, "Anymore, in this country, it's all about us!" She is right. People are so into themselves anymore it isn't even funny. Even Christians. We'd rather be entertained than ministered to. We'd rather be ministered to than minister! It really is a sad state. It seems so many have become obsessed with self. I have harped home this point so often: We will fall like Rome did. It's only a matter of time. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy upon us all. For those who are truly living selfless lives, I applaud you. Paul the apostle said it best, "I count all but loss except to know Christ and him crucified." Yes, he did say it the best.