Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Return Of "Lost"

Last night was a recap episode from last season. However it was great to see it again. Tonight will be the new season. The only sad part is that the writer's strike is still on and their are only eight episodes in the can.

My favorite scene last evening was where Jack was begging Kate to go back with him to the island. For those of us who watch the show, we have followed the story line and wonder to some degree what is happening.

Jack's (Matthew Fox) performance was amazing. Plus, the music is captivating and touches me deeply. In this show there is a sense of loss, emptiness, longing and connection that is going on. Not to over emphasize things, but isn't that true with so many people? I know it is with me at times. We have a whole society that is longing for acceptance.

With that aside, I can't wait for tonight's episode of "Lost." I hope you are with me on that one.

Jack Talking To Kate


  1. I've never watched the show. I probably would have liked it, but didn't feel like I could get into it once I had missed so much of it. The same goes for Heros.