Tuesday, July 29, 2008

He Still Endures

I have just about everything that Peter Strauss has ever appeared in. Ever since Rich Man Poor Man I've been hooked on his acting ever since. Tonight, he was on a repeat of Law And Order. Even though I had Dvr'ed (is that a word?)the episode a few years ago, I recorded it again, this time in hi-def. What could be better than the Strauss man in HD? Okay, meeting him in person. I had my chance back in 1977. He was still appearing in plays at the time and was appearing at the Dayton Memorial Hall. However, my friends begged me to go to the amusement park with them. Over thirty years later, I regret giving in to peer pressure! Ha.

Well, I know I have been very sparse in blogging. I have been busy. Maybe I can slow down enough to write some more items. It seems my friends are having the same ordeal. Summer will wind down, (sniffle, sniffle) and fall will set in. Then, I think the blogging will come back to full steam. Be well all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day At The Ballpark

My friend Mitch and I had a great time at Great American Ball Park today. A day game with the Reds taking the Padres 9 to 5. It was a nice day around 80. Before the game Mitch and I had an early lunch at a Fountain Square restaurant and joked over some things. As usual the parking garage situation was near max capacity. We did manage to find a spot 8 levels up! Well, I needed the exercise anyway. Just thought I'd share this today. Hope all is well with everyone.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Beginnings Concert

Boy did this take me back in time! "The Beginnings Concert" package of 2 DVD's and 2 audio CD's was such a treat. I began my ministry in Christian radio back in the seventies and cut my teeth on the artists on this set. Everyone from Steve Archer, David Meece, Don Francisco, Chuck Girard and Dony McGuire. I remember playing these artists on the air and never tire of these classics. They stand the test of time.

I was taking a country drive listening to Janny Grein sing, "Stronger Than Before" and was just overcome with so many memories. I so enjoyed that song that it got played over and over. Then Steve Archer's performance of "Jesus Is The Answer" struck another chord (no pun). Plus, I couldn't forget my all time favorite Christian singer Dallas Holm and his classic, "Rise Again."

I was talking with Cindy Archer the other day about this project. She and her husband Tim are the executive producers of the project. I mentioned to her that I sure wish that a new "grass roots" movement would come again with original sounding tunes that a lot of us remember!

Do yourself a favor and get this project. No, they didn't pay me to say this (however I won't refuse the check, haha). For those of us in the fifty-ish stage, it sure brings back a lot of great memories. For those who are younger, give it a chance and see where it all began. Well, time to grab the DVD set and watch it again. Be well all.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Terry!

My dear friend and closest brother Terry turns 48 today! We've shared many memories through the years. We are three years apart in age and have shared many wonderful things in life. We both gave our hearts to the Lord in 1973. We had many days of fun in the sun with baseball, great music and classic TV shows. Terry has had his share of pain in life too. But, he always knows that the Lord will watch over him. His faith is evident.

This picture is of Terry from his trip to New York a few years ago. He always wanted to go there. This pic is from Times Square. Terry, I'm proud of you my friend. I know things haven't always been easy for you, but you have the Lord, your family loves you and I certainly do too! I'll stand by you as you serve our Lord and as we journey through this earthly life. Have a great birthday. Mon Frair Formidables! Yes, you are definitely my fantastic brother. Again, Happy Birthday.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow

It's a sad day. Tony Snow has passed away from his bout with colon cancer. He was fifty-three. I always enjoyed Tony when he was part of Fox News. I also found it refreshing to see him when he had his short stint with the White House. I didn't know him personally, obviously, but he always seemed like a stand up guy to me. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and friends. I will miss this great news commentator.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th Of July

I hope all my friends have a great 4th of July. I was thinking that even with all the problems we face as a nation, I'm still glad to be an American. Sure, our country has so much wrong with it that needs correcting. I believe though, that the original framers of the Constitution had it right. The "original intent" of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are two of the finest documents ever conceived. We've fallen from those original ideas. Let's all pray for our nation. We have more areas of concern than ever before.

On a positive note, we are still so blessed. Compared to many parts of the world, we still have it so good. So, today, I give thanks for our nation and the freedoms we still enjoy that came at a great cost. Greater still, is the independence we received as children of the Lord. Not bound by the world's system we have been bought with a price and the shackles of the world no longer bind us. True freedom and independence in Christ. Have a great fourth of July everyone.