Monday, January 21, 2008

News And Commericals

I'm familiar with both! Of course my years of broadcasting comes into play as I've done both! There are certain voices I hear that just make me smile. Even in acting. I think the fact that NBC Nightly News has Michael Douglas doing their intro is great! I was watching Letterman the other night when I found this out. NBC approached Michael to do this. I guess Brian Williams and Douglas got to know each other and that's how it came about. (If my memory is correct.) The header is above and also below is Douglas' intro. There are just certain voices that are, to me, just, well, good! I think Michael Douglas, Peter O'Toole, and Peter Strauss have some of the finest voices ever.

Michael Douglas on the NBC News Opener

Now, closer to home, I have a favorite female one too! I may be biased but my former colleague Cindy Swanson has THE finest female voice on air. Check out her intro below.

Cindy's Intro

Now, the funny part. A fellow blogger Mr. Shumway provided this clip about the new Jeep commerical. It is just way too funny. I'm like Mr. Shumway. Anything with talking animals gets to me everytime it seems. You gotta check out the commercial from his site.

Oh, on a sadder note, I've been a Packer fan since I was a kid. I'll be better by next year, maybe! Grin. I hated to see Green Bay lose. But, that's life.

So, what have we learned in class today? I love good speaking voices and animals that talk. What a way to start the week. Be well everyone!


  1. I didn't know that was Michael Douglas's voice. That is so awesome. I really like him. I find that the less I know about movie star's personal lives, the better, and I don't know much about him. :-)
    I don't think you and Mr. Shumway are alone in your love of talking animals. It seems like that's a common theme among men! (And maybe women too, although they aren't vocal about it!)

  2. Sniz,

    Yes, that's him. Like you, the less I know about them personally the better. However, I can appreciate them for their acting abilities.

    Mr. Shumway and I maybe aren't alone in the animal talking area. It might be a "guy" thing but who knows.


  3. Thanks, Randy! You're too kind. :)

  4. I wanted Green Bay to win for your sake my brother. I'm not a football fan but I know you really liked Vince Lombardi back in the day. They had a great team this year. Be glad they made it as far as they did. They played extremely well. Perhaps next year my friend. God Bless You.