Monday, January 14, 2008

Dad Knows The Way Home

A father named John and his son Kyle decided to make a trip to a cabin overlooking a lake. What a great time for this father and son duo to spend some time together. John not only loved his son but knew of his condition of worrying over things. He tried deeply to understand Kyle's concerns. Neither did it change the love that Kyle had for his father. For he looked up to him with great admiration.

One evening while on the boat in the middle of the lake, the sun started to set. Kyle became a little bit anxious. He said, "Dad, do you know your way across this lake?" John smiled, "Yes, son, I know where to go." Kyle then asked, "Dad, do you think you can get us back to the cabin?" John sensed Kyle's nervousness. John reassured Kyle that "yes" he could get them safely back to the cabin.

As John throttled the engine and steered from the back of the boat, Kyle sat rocking in the middle of the boat to calm himself. Kyle kept repeating, "Dad knows the way home, dad knows the way home!" It brought tears to John's eyes. He knew his son trusted and loved him. And, John loved his son enough to guide him through the dark night, across the lake and safely home.

That's the way it needs to be for all of us. If you sense that you are in the middle of the night, you've lost your direction and God seems to be all but gone, be of good cheer. Father God, Abba, Dad, is still there. We may not always see God at work. But, if we chose to trust, he'll be there. And...ultimately God loves us and takes care of us even, at times, when we don't even know he is! He will guide us, if we'll trust him, and ultimately HE will lead us home.

So, this wraps up my small trilogy on the great love of God. In my first post I wrote about Frederick Lehman's great hymn, "The Love Of God." Mr. Lehman said the ocean would still run dry even if it was filled with ink to write about the "whole" of the love of God. We can't do it, can we? I guess we need to just embrace it. Plus, be thankful that God loved us so much he sent Jesus Christ to demonstrate that very love on a cruel cross and to save us from our sins. May the peace of Christ be with you all!

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