Monday, January 7, 2008

You Said What?

Sometimes people do say the funniest things! Here are just a few I have heard through the years. One time when I was flying out of Cincinnati, at check in the attendant asked me, "Are you flying out of Cincinnati?" My jaw dropped. I didn't reply but felt like saying, "No, I'm flying out of Dayton but thought I'd drop by and see how you all were doing?" Go figure.

During a news broadcast they were interviewing this man about the state of the economy. I really don't know where they find these people. But as he postured himself trying to look authentic he said, "Sometimes you feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard stone!" Hmmm...the last time I checked they were the same thing. Isn't the saying, "a rock and a hard place?"

I love the new Eagles album. As if I haven't said that too many times. There is a line in the song "Too Busy Being Fabulous" that says, "You think time is just a magazine and money is just a thrill." That line just cracks me up. I know people like that. I don't "hang" with them, but I know them. Ha.

One show had a person yelling at the other one saying, "Call 911." The other replied, "What's the number?"

This is a location joke. Meaning: You just had to be there at that moment. My former radio colleague Cindy and I were joking about a few things when the subject got on the topic of a certain employee. Cindy was so animated when she said, "Randy, didn't he just have the biggest head?!" (She didn't mean stuck up.) She would cackle as she waved her arms and said, "His head was so huge!" I was in tears laughing. Have you ever seen someone that their head didn't quite match their body size? She could always get me to laugh.

Years ago a customer became incensed at the counter employee at a fast food restaurant. The customer wanted an ice-cream sundae. The employee said "Sorry we don't have ice-cream sundaes." The patron threw down her purse and shouted, "Since when does McDonald's NOT have ice-cream sundaes?" The counter person pointed her finger at the sign above that said, "Arby's."

And I love this one since I'm sure pharmacy employees hear it all the time. "I want brand medications, those genetic ones don't work for me!" Notice the spelling. Or they will say, "I don't have any genetics." You don't?

It's not only kids that say the funniest things. Have a good week everyone.


  1. I actually rushed right out to Wal-Mart to buy that new Eagles CD (double CD) when it came out. I like it, I guess, but it's so "IN YOUR FACE" about how we're responsible for screwing up the environment that I have to turn it off occasionally. But, man, it's hard to beat the harmonies they produce. Good stuff.

  2. Mr. Shumway,

    I agree that some of the "Eagles" new project is a tad "in your face." However, the first disc is better than the second. I like the straight ahead ballads and up tempos better than the other songs we mentioned.


  3. Wow, Randy...memories! That brought a big chuckle. Of course I know who "Big-Head" was. :)

    Your blog is so well-written, Randy. I know I say this all the time, but it deserves a wide audience!

  4. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing!