Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sawyer Speaks About Time

Obviously my favorite show is "Lost." Well, for those who don't follow the show I'll have to improvise at this point. The bottom line comes down to a question. Sawyer has a friend who's worried that the woman he is with doesn't forget her old husband who died from three years ago. He asks Sawyer about it. Sawyer gives his answer in this clip:

Sawyer Speaks

Well, maybe in some cases that is true. Later though, Sawyer gets a glimpse of the one he loved: Kate. We'll have to wait and see what transpires next. My take? In some ways time does erode memories to some degree. Other times, they don't. I can tell you this much: There are those that have loved so deeply it will take a lifetime for them to ever forget what that person meant to their life. We all are different that's for sure. Closing thought: The scenes with Sawyer, Jack and Kate are the best ones on "Lost." I love most of the characters but those three really hit home with me in a special way. Sure, its a show, but it can also mirror real life at times. Have a good Thursday!


  1. If I knew anything about this show, I'd leave a comment.

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  2. I'm leaving another comment, but only because I wanted to tell you that the "WORD VERIFICATION" word I need to type in right now is, "horked."