Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kate Or Juliet?


I find it amusing in a way that my friend Cindy's daughter doesn't care for either Kate or Juliet on "Lost." This is a side note, but why are women so hard on other women? I've noticed this most of my life.


Okay, I'm doing what Cindy does and talking about fictional characters now. I know, I know, they are just characters. But people read novels all the time. And...TV and the movies are the "new" stages that actors use to perform with compared to the ones of old where the actors performed before live crowds.

From one guy's perspective here's my take. Of course my view may be entirely different from others. I like them both. Both of them have qualities that endear me to them for differing reasons. I love Kate's adventurous side but I also like Juliet's focus. In my experience in the dating realm I've seen many personalities. I don't know why, but I always seemed to end up with the Kate's in life. The outgoing, spur of the moment kind. Those types were more daring like the cheerleader girlfriends I was with. I wondered why? I do have this "wild" streak in me that only a very few have seen. Maybe it's that they brought out the "life" in me.

Conversely, though, it seems too, that I am drawn to the Juliet's in life. The focused, stay on course and stable ones with a purpose in mind. With men and women there are as many personalities as there are people. I could write a book on experiences. I think back to some with joy, some with sadness and one in particular that stays in the deep recesses of my heart.

Sure, it's a show. Really, even with dating aside, let me hit one more angle. Aren't we all looking for connection in life? People that we can love? Friends, family, co-workers, all of us, wants to be accepted. I think all of us in life are looking for a few of the most common things. Acceptance and love would be the top two. I know "Lost" is a show. But, it does touch on the human condition. I would venture to guess that everyone we rub shoulders with on a daily basis has that inner need of being accepted, loved and appreciated. Today, that is just food for thought. Be well.

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