Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fox And The Ratings

Well, from February's ratings, Fox News ranked number three. YES! For all of the lefties, let that be a lesson that normal everyday folks prefer Fox over CNN. Okay, I'm done ranting. But even with that said, can the news be more foreboding?

I get up, grab my glass of water, down my vitamins and turn on Fox. Now, I like Fox but they have to report the news. And these days, there's not a lot of good news to be found. After about thirty minutes I've had about enough. But, really, are we seeing the beginning of the end?

I'm in alignment with my friend Joel. I'm still pre-tribulational, but I wonder how bad things will get before God calls us out before the great and terrible day of the Lord? This new administration is all over the place and the guy has been in office less than 50 days. The auto makers take billions of dollars and still report losses greater than what they took. People can't get elected to the cabinet because of unpaid taxes? C'mon! And, they are governing us? I could go on, but you get the drift.

Well, it really boils down to this. It's easy for me to sway off target and look at the mess and get discouraged. But, my GOD is still GOD. I really don't know how people make it without him. Even in our uncertain days, our Lord is still residing in us through the power of the Spirit. May I not ever lose that focus. Be well.

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