Tuesday, July 29, 2008

He Still Endures

I have just about everything that Peter Strauss has ever appeared in. Ever since Rich Man Poor Man I've been hooked on his acting ever since. Tonight, he was on a repeat of Law And Order. Even though I had Dvr'ed (is that a word?)the episode a few years ago, I recorded it again, this time in hi-def. What could be better than the Strauss man in HD? Okay, meeting him in person. I had my chance back in 1977. He was still appearing in plays at the time and was appearing at the Dayton Memorial Hall. However, my friends begged me to go to the amusement park with them. Over thirty years later, I regret giving in to peer pressure! Ha.

Well, I know I have been very sparse in blogging. I have been busy. Maybe I can slow down enough to write some more items. It seems my friends are having the same ordeal. Summer will wind down, (sniffle, sniffle) and fall will set in. Then, I think the blogging will come back to full steam. Be well all.


  1. This seems obscure. Of course, I'm the President of the Central Indiana Chapter of the Eddie Deezen Fan Club. :)

  2. Hey Randy...glad you had a fun day of baseball! I know that had to be relaxing for you. I haven't seen Peter Strauss lately...is he still as handsome as ever?

    Thanks for your kind words on my post about the anniversary of my dad's passing. I really appreciated it. Have a wonderful day! As you would say, "Be well, my friend!"