Sunday, August 3, 2008

Griffey Eager For Pennant Race

Well my beloved Ken Griffey is now a Chicago White Sox. I have mixed feelings. One, I hated to see him leave Cincy. However, on the other hand, it'll be good for him to go to the White Sox who are league contenders. Plus, I lived near Chicago for ten years and it'll be nice to see him play with the White Sox. With Griffey's longevity with the Reds it's sad that he hasn't seen World Series play. I'm glad he stayed with the Reds long enough to get to the six-hundred home run mark. I've always seen Ken as a stand up guy. I wish him well. However, it just doesn't seem the Reds will be the same without him. Best wishes to him. On a final note I just hope the Reds don't get rid of Adam Dunn. Sure, Dunn's fielding at times is a bit shaky but his bat I think even things out. I was bummed when the Reds got rid of Josh Hamilton. But, that's the way the show goes. Be well all.


  1. Imagine if we could have traded Griffey and Dunn to the Rangers at the beginning of the season for Volquez!!!!!!

    I was sad to see him go, but I think it's the right thing for the long term future of the team. This season is over--I'm sad to say.

  2. Roger,

    The season is over for the Reds. Well, win or lose, they will always be my team!

    Hope you are well,