Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Beginnings Concert

Boy did this take me back in time! "The Beginnings Concert" package of 2 DVD's and 2 audio CD's was such a treat. I began my ministry in Christian radio back in the seventies and cut my teeth on the artists on this set. Everyone from Steve Archer, David Meece, Don Francisco, Chuck Girard and Dony McGuire. I remember playing these artists on the air and never tire of these classics. They stand the test of time.

I was taking a country drive listening to Janny Grein sing, "Stronger Than Before" and was just overcome with so many memories. I so enjoyed that song that it got played over and over. Then Steve Archer's performance of "Jesus Is The Answer" struck another chord (no pun). Plus, I couldn't forget my all time favorite Christian singer Dallas Holm and his classic, "Rise Again."

I was talking with Cindy Archer the other day about this project. She and her husband Tim are the executive producers of the project. I mentioned to her that I sure wish that a new "grass roots" movement would come again with original sounding tunes that a lot of us remember!

Do yourself a favor and get this project. No, they didn't pay me to say this (however I won't refuse the check, haha). For those of us in the fifty-ish stage, it sure brings back a lot of great memories. For those who are younger, give it a chance and see where it all began. Well, time to grab the DVD set and watch it again. Be well all.

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