Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Terry!

My dear friend and closest brother Terry turns 48 today! We've shared many memories through the years. We are three years apart in age and have shared many wonderful things in life. We both gave our hearts to the Lord in 1973. We had many days of fun in the sun with baseball, great music and classic TV shows. Terry has had his share of pain in life too. But, he always knows that the Lord will watch over him. His faith is evident.

This picture is of Terry from his trip to New York a few years ago. He always wanted to go there. This pic is from Times Square. Terry, I'm proud of you my friend. I know things haven't always been easy for you, but you have the Lord, your family loves you and I certainly do too! I'll stand by you as you serve our Lord and as we journey through this earthly life. Have a great birthday. Mon Frair Formidables! Yes, you are definitely my fantastic brother. Again, Happy Birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday, Terry! Hope your day was wonderful!