Monday, March 10, 2008

Technology Overload

Ever since I was a kid I've been fond of electronics and gadgets. From my very first reel-to-reel-player, then my cassette recorder and then my red transistor radio. I've always loved technology. I remember the days of 8 track tapes, then cassette tapes and now CD is the norm. But, recently, I've become a bit weary of it all. No, I'd rather not go back to 33 1/3 rpm records and cassette tapes, I do love digital, but I wonder how much do we really need?

I was thumbing through my new edition of PC World magazine. It had articles on all the new plug ins, add ons, freeware, shareware, etc. There were articles on HDTV and the new items on the horizon. But, really, as I said, how much do we need?

Now this is coming from a guy that couldn't get enough of gadgets and electronics growing up. But, it seems that everything now is being amped up at an exponential rate. I'm no prophet, but I envisioned flash technology fifteen years ago. It's just now becoming the norm. Some laptops are starting to use flash technology for their hard drives. Which only makes sense since there's no moveable parts as in standard hard drives. But, I digress.

It's not uncommon to find digital cameras with more megapixels and firewire and USB which took over serial ports. By February 2009, TV will be all digital. Blu Ray technology makes movies clearer and sharper than ever before. But, again, where does it all end? I guess it doesn't.

I find myself, today, as a bewildered gadget guy. Maybe it's that I'm getting a bit older and I like to keep things simple. I'm happy if my digital camera produces a decent picture, if my mp3 cd will not skip in the car in-dash player, and if my DVD recorder will record "Lost" with out any digital problems. And, I'm thankful if my cell phone doesn't drop my calls!

Sure, high-def video at 1080 sure beats regular dvd. But, I'm not ready to scrap my old collection of videos. With my computer, I'm just happy if it boots up with no problems, if my applications don't freeze and I can get my email.

My friend Joel sometime back wrote an interesting post about over-tweaking. He was mentioning his online banking. It was simple before. But, the webmasters had to tweak this, then tweak that. Then he had to go through extra steps that he didn't have to before.

I'm not against technology. Yes, I'm still in favor of it as long as it's not to an extreme. Take automobiles for example. You have someone chatting on their cell phone, playing with their GPS system, tuning in their XM radio set and drinking coffee from their heated cup holder. They are protected by six air bags now, their car will parallel park on its own, Are they even watching the road at all?

Now for the spiritual lesson. With all this technology, I can see how it will be easy for the antichrist to take control during the tribulation. Big brother is watching and the enemy will use it for his advantage.

No, I'm not against my use of the computer, my cell phone, etc. But, all things in moderation I guess. Even with my computer use, I keep it "lean and mean." My little saying that says: I don't put useless games, programs and the like on it that just gums up the works. I believe in the old KISS method. Keep it simple Sherlock.

My final note is coming. Has all this technology made us better? We have Facebook, MySpace, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ad infinitum. And...people are more lonelier than ever before. Here's an interesting fact, ninety-nine percent of blogs don't even get read! So, I just wrote to myself! Again, all things in moderation. I guess I have a love/hate relationship with it all anymore. However, I don't want to do without it, but I just want to keep it in perspective is all. Yes, technology can be good, but just keep it simple. Be well all.

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  1. Well, I read your blog 99% of the time. There's a new statistic for you. Or, as we say here in Indiana, "satistic."

    I'm with you on the technology thing. Many of my friends are buying HDTVs and I just don't see the point. I'm really ok with an average picture. I'm ok with average sound as well. I'm not going to throw down the money for the latest technology. I will say that it took me several years to get DISH TV with a DVR and now I'd never go back.