Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brett Favre Retires

I've been a Green Bay Packer fan ever since the Vince Lombardi days. Well, today is a sad day. I've enjoyed Brett's quarterbacking for years. So with mixed emotions I say goodbye to a great player. I enjoyed the years of his playing with my favorite team. Best wishes to a great quarterback! Thanks for the memories.


  1. He was a classy QB. I hope he goes into broadcasting so we can still see him regularly.

    Now, how did an Ohio boy end up a Packers fan?

  2. Rog,

    As a kid I grew up in the Packer Dynasty era. I read the books on Lombardi, Starr, Jerry Kramer, etc. I was hooked. So ever since I was young, the Green Bay Packers were my team, still are!