Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Art Of Throwing Spears

One of my favorite books is "A Tale Of Three Kings" by Gene Edwards. It contrasts three lives. Saul, the first king who had the anointing and lost it; Absalom, David's son, who never had the anointing; and King David who was the anointed of God.

For those who remember the story well, Saul immediately took to David, at least in the beginning. David played music for Saul and he was comforted. But, as David grew in the Lord and people starting singing David's praises, Saul become envious and jealous. Saul, perceived David as a threat to his kingdom. So, he throws a spear at David.

David had choices. He could throw a spear back or dodge it and leave. He did the latter. Now, for a lesson a little closer home. Have you ever had someone throw a spear at you when all you were trying to do was the right thing? I'm sure you have been there. So have I. At those times, my human side wants to pick up the spear and throw it back. I believe we've all been thought that.

David had opportunities a couple of times to take Saul's life later on. He chose not to. What do we do in those times when we are attacked verbally and we know we are innocent? Do we attack in the same fashion? Sure, we can. But, I've found out it's better to refrain. It's not that we are weak. I think it's a sign of Godliness that we don't do it.

Sure, I've had my times in the past where I became a pretty good spear thrower. I was upset, felt justified in my retribution and thought God had let me down. However, through some hard lessons, it was better that I laid down my spear. God, my Lord, is the best one to compensate for actions that are done to me.

Here recently I had someone attack my intentions. Their manipulation didn't bode well with me. I had two choices. I could "get even" and attack them back verbally or I could give it to the Lord and allow him to handle it. Thankfully, I did just that. I prayed for that person. It was one of the hardest things to do. I asked God to forgive the individual for the mistreatment I had suffered at their hands. But, there was a peace that followed afterwards. Now, I hasten to add that I don't always have a hundred percent track record in this, but with the Lord's help, I endeavor to do his will.

I had mentioned to someone the other day that forgiving is, sometimes, one of the hardest things to do. Especially if you are attacked for no reason! However, it is a choice we make. It may be difficult to do it, but it brings about great rewards. I used the scriptures to pray for those that would "despitefully use me." Oh, I didn't want to pray for them at first. But, as a choice and obeying the Word, I did it. Did it automatically change that other person? No, it didn't. However that's not the reason we do it. It brings freedom to us and releases us from a prison we can put ourselves in. Also, it puts the other person in God's hands. The best place to put anything. We also are told in the book of Matthew to bless that other person.

David went on to become the King. Even though he had the chance to become an expert marksman and take out King Saul, he didn't. He could have been a master in the art of throwing spears. He chose not to. So, with us, we have the same choice. Sure, our carnal nature can kick in and we want to retaliate. But, the Lord is better equipped at taking care of those that have maligned us. We should never seek retribution. I don't want to have the art of throwing spears. It can have a boomerang effect, which I don't think any of us want. Also, when we pray, hopefully the other person will be affected by the grace of God.

Like love, forgivness is a choice. There are times we really have to pray that "our" will becomes aligned with "God's" will. It may be hard to do at times, but in the long run, it's the best place to be. That way, we can keep our accounts clear with God and walk in peace. If you haven't read Gene Edwards' book, I recommend it. Be well all.


  1. I'd like to check out this book. Thanks for recommending it. You sound pretty wise, Mr. Randy. I've thrown a few spears in my life, but not over jealousy. It usually has something to do with driving. In fact, I carry a spear in my car. Heh heh.

  2. Mr. Shumway,

    I promise not to cut you off in traffic! That is, if you are carrying a spear, haha. I admit that's one area where I want to carry spears too!

    Be well,