Friday, March 21, 2008

The Resurrection

"We are not preaching the Gospel of a dead Christ, but of a living Christ who sits exalted at the Father's right hand, and is living to save all who put their trust in Him...we are not pointing men to a dead Christ; we are preaching a living Christ. He lives exalted at God's right hand, and He 'saves to the uttermost all who come to God by Him.'"--H. A. Ironside

In other religions, their founders never rose from the dead. That's what makes Christianity so unique in itself. Jesus rose from the dead and is seated at the father's right hand. Also, what other belief system offers salvation without works, a salvation that is free to us but cost Jesus everything? Christianity is the one true belief system in the world. I'm glad that I know the truth and "that" truth sets men free! Since Jesus has been resurrected, those of us that believe in him, will be resurrected in the future to forever be with our Lord.

We don't serve dead idols, those made of stone or wood. We serve a "living" savior that can redeem mankind from their sins and give them eternal life. I'm glad that I've put my trust in the one true God (I John 5:20). He is worthy of our praise.

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