Saturday, December 29, 2007

Canine Lessons

Okay, I'll fess up! Tonight I was somewhat bewildered with a person. Like that would be the first time it happened, not! I have the mistaken notion that if I'm always nice, other people will be too. Not gonna happen. However, I still think it's contagious to be nice and maybe a larger percentage of people will be nice in return. But, this man wasn't going to budge. Have you ever heard the saying, "His face is so long he could eat oats out of a half-inch gas pipe?" Ha. I did everything but cartwheels (and please don't ask me to do that) to be friendly. It wasn't going to work that way.

Later I thought about an old proverb we've all heard, I think we have anyway. "Walk softly around others for you don't know what burdens they are carrying." I guess I didn't think about that sooner. Maybe he's going through some tough ordeal. Maybe something rankled him today. Did he lose something precious to him? A myriad of things popped up as I thought about it. Or maybe he's, just, well, miserable. Some people just are. It's sad.

I admit I have my days too. Things don't go according to plan, a snag gets put in the way or something justs goes haywire. So, that's why I put the picture above. If these two canines can get along as pals...where does the human race fit in? The word Homo Sapien comes from the Latin meaning, "wise man" or "knowing man." Then, why does it take the animal kingdom sometimes to show us "humans" simple things? You come home, and there's the family dog waiting to greet you! Unconditional love. But, "we" humans tend to forget, don't we? I know I do at times.

So, I don't know what was under this man's skin tonight. I confess, I need to understand more at times. chance...if the guy was just a misanthropic soul like Jack Nicholson was in "As Good As It Gets", all we can do is pray. Plus, not become the same way.

I love the picture above. I can just hear the one saying to the other, "Hey Brutus, It'll be okay, Fee fee just didn't love you, but there's always someone else. Have you thought of dating Biddy?" Brutus replies, "Rambo, Biddy is a terrier, I can't go there. Maybe I'll go down to the shelter and see if Zoe isn't busy. She's a bit wired, but all chihuahuas can't be that way!"

Okay, maybe my story fell flat, but at least enjoy the pic! Be well all.


  1. I'm a sucker for animal pictures like that. It's a guilty pleasure. Your blog today reminded me of a cheesy old YouTube video where two cats are "talking" to one another. Here's the link:

    You'll have to copy and paste the two lines together so it's one line and put it in your browser. I have a hunch you'll find this pretty endearing.

  2. Love the dialogue you included with the pic. Very clever.

  3. Terrier or not, I'd pick Biddy over Zoe. But that's just me.

    Oh how blessed to enjoy some mutual unconditional love. THAT'LL help you sleep well at night.

  4. Scott,

    Actually I'd pick the terrier over the chihuahua too. The story just ended up being that way I guess. Yes, pets can bring added comfort.
    Thanks for writing!


  5. Maybe I'll go down to the shelter and see if Zoe isn't busy. She's a bit wired, but all chihuahuas can't be that way!"

    That line simply cracked me up Randy! I mean I lost it man, that was so funny! LMAO! You missed your calling Maestro!