Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Christmas Musings

Well another Christmas has come and past. Sometimes I'm viewed as a bit of a scrooge. However, to put the record straight, I'm not as bad as some might believe. Even Ebenezer came around in the end! So, there's hope for everyone!

Last week I wrote about Amy Grant's "Grownup Christmas List." The wonderfully talented Miss Sniz wrote me and told me she loved the song. She also asked me if I knew if Amy was the first one to record it. I know the greatly gifted David Foster had a hand in the creation of the song along with lyricist Linda Thompson-Jenner. It was originally recorded by Natalie Cole but really didn't take off. Grant recorded it on her second Christmas album and it became a hit.

Christmas this year had mixed emotions for me. Some good things came from the day. I was happy that my father and I were able to see each other and make the day special. That made me feel so much better. Conversely, I felt bad for my brother Terry. He has fought an illness now for going on three weeks. Plus, he was in an auto accident here recently. I believe that God was watching over him as he wasn't seriously hurt. My heart ached as he is still not better. My sister Julie is working at getting a group of believers together to pray for him in person. I feel this is a good thing to do. If there's one thing I know, my sister and brother-in-law Darryl live for God!

I was happy to see the nephews and nieces having a grand time at the day. I remember when I was "knee high to a grasshopper" and couldn't wait for the day to arrive. Later, when my sister sends me the photos online, I'll share a few of them.

This time of year though is very lonely for so many people. I think of shut-ins, single people (myself included), the forgotten ones in the world and so much more. I also think of the soldiers far away from home, the down-and-out, and frankly, it makes me sad. I'm sorry if this post seems a bit meloncholy and morose. I don't want to take away from anyone's special day. We have so much to be thankful for in this land of ours.

So, after my meal of ham, turkey, potatoes,, I headed back for the house. For a moment I thought of the mad rush of the Christmas shoppers that had to "get this, buy that" mentality. But, then I thought of some of the bigger and better reasons of all. Families were together and shared stories, jokes and "fish tales." Most importantly, I'm so thankful that God the sovereign Lord came to this world to redeem mankind. For without him, where would any of us be? This life is but a vapor according to Job and James. I do know that I'm so thankful that when I was a sixteen year old boy on a farm, I accepted God's wonderful grace.

Some years back, I was driving down a side street in town and I remember this prayer to this very day. I told the Lord, "Father, I know the best decision I ever made in this life and it was to become your child. For that Lord, I'm eternally grateful." AND...I am. Thank you Lord for coming to humble surroundings, walking everywhere by foot, no place to lay your head, scorned of men and ultimately dying for us despising the shame but knowing full well what it would garner in our lives. Does the song, "Oh How I Love Jesus" come to mind? I hope so. So with that, this is my post-Christmas musing. Have a great rest of the week everyone. Give someone a hug or a kind word today. It could mean so very much. Pax Vobiscum! (May peace be with you.)

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  1. Thanks for responding to my question about Amy Grant. That song is now sung by so many people, I don't know where it started.

    Thanks for this thoughtful post. My grandma was alone on Christmas Day for the first time in 84 years...