Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's A Wonderful Life?

I just looked through the one-hundred list of favorite Christmas movies. I cannot believe that "It's A Wonderful Life" was number two. My ire was cured when I found out that the "Charlie Brown Christmas" beat it out.

Okay, I'm not really one for Christmas. But, it's not that "in and of itself" that bothers me. It's the movie. I have to admit I don't like black and white. Plus, personally, I thought the acting was horrible. If I had to rate the worst actor ever it would be John Wayne. Now, I'm not saying Jimmy Stewart is, but what about the angel? What's his name? Clarence? Maybe I'm also too theological for my own good. But an angel gets his wings every time a bell rings? Hmm,show me a verse where angels have any. Oh, Zechariah. But that was a demon appearing in female form. But I digress. I know the movie is portraying a man that realizes he would be missed if he wasn't here. I can give it that much I guess.

Here's my rub. I don't like any movie that distorts scripture. Even if it's meant to be good or not. People start believing what the movie said and not the Word. I'd much rather watch the "Christmas Story" than the one previously mentioned. Yes, to some degree my dislike of winter comes into play. Add to that each year makes Christmas less excitable. I look so much at the blatant commercialism and people's "need to feed their greed" lifestyle.

I've tried to like the season. Plus there are a few Christmas songs that touch me for some odd reason. I know, anytime someone denounces this time of year you are viewed as cynical, a scrooge or both. My bottom line is simple: I'm so glad that Christ did come to this earth. He couldn't die for us unless he was born. That's obvious. But where are we told to celebrate his birth? Christ said to remember his death. However, if you love this time of year, enjoy it. As for me, I volunteered to work that day. I try to remember what Christ did everyday of my life. Not just one. However, I know it's special to many. I wouldn't take away from that. I'm just tired of the "in your face" attitude of the vendors, merchandisers and media. But, that's just me. Have a good week everyone.


  1. I don't like that movie either. I think so many people say they do because it's popular to like it. There are so many things like that. At least the gospel isn't like that. If you believe, you really believe because it's not easy or popular.

  2. Sniz,

    I'm glad I'm not the only one! You are so right about the gospel. You believe because it's not easy or popular. Good words.

    Be well,