Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where I'm From

I just had to copy Miss Sniz's idea on this wonderful post she had on "Where I'm From." She had it sent her way by someone else I believe. It's a kind of "fill in the blanks" deal. It's really good. When I put mine together with good old Office XP, it made me smile at the years that have passed. So, I pass it on to you. If you'd like, go to her link on my sidebar and you can find a way to "create" your own. Have a great week everyone!

Where I'm From

I am from hills and valleys, from old 45’s, vintage style color TV’s and red transistor radios.

I am from the fresh scent of cut grass, big yards and summer days of baseball without end.

I am from the fields of corn, green trees and running streams of water in the woods.

I am from Friday night cheeseburgers around favorite TV shows like “Love American Style” and from a mom and dad that worked hard, stayed together and raised a family.

I am from the labor of a hard working father; and a loving, caring and Godly mother that gave her life for her family. I love them so.

From a mom that said she was proud of her son and a brother who always looked up to me. Proud of a watch that my father had worn for years that I had originally gave him that I keep tucked away safely as a reminder of his love.

I am from the Baptist faith who “preached it like it was” and they still do. Of Scofield Reference Bibles, Hymnals in the pews and the men of God that weren’t afraid to preach about sin and Hell, but also preached about the glories of Heaven.

I'm from the land of Ohio and of Irish and German ancestry. From homemade meals of biscuits, potatoes and beans to the melt-in-your-mouth homemade chili that only mom could make.

From the faith of a mother who believed in a Big God when she prayed and a father who seemed bigger than life. From siblings that could make me laugh like my brother Terry who could keep me in stitches.

I am from funny, priceless and sentimental pictures stored away with care. From a family that loved a little chihuahua named “Lucky.” From siblings that squabbled but loved each other anyway. From TV shows I’ll never forget like “Rich Man Poor Man.” And finally, from a family that stayed together and weathered the storms of life. Not many can say that, but I’m certainly glad I can. That's where I'm from!


  1. Love it, Randy! Wasn't it fun to write?

  2. Sniz,

    It was great. Everyone I read it to loved it as well. I owe you the thanks for the idea.