Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Caution: Possible Spoilers Ahead.

This post will NOT go into political differences that some may or may not have with President Bush. This post is intended to look at the "person" of George Bush. For the hate mongers who love to stir up trouble, go elsewhere. This doesn't include my faithful readers i.e. Cindy, Roger and more. Side bar: It's weird in a way, I can talk about Jesus all day and no one gets offended, but I say one thing about politics and you can see the torches coming! Funny world we live in. Okay, back on the message.

I admit I'm not a very big fan of some of Oliver Stone's works. However, it has never stopped me from watching JFK, The 4th of July and other works. The characters seem a bit contrived to me in this film exept for Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks (who happens to be one of the cutest and brightest actors I have ever seen).

Who really knows what goes on in the heart of an individual? Even the scriptures say that it is tough to figure out our own hearts. While watching this DVD it did hit a little close to home in certain areas. Bush was obviously a baseball fan, a runner and someone who had "daddy issues." (Even "Lost" had an ep that was called, "Even Cowboys have daddy issues.")

I think the movie showed the prez as someone trying to do right but got jilted many times along the way. It's anyone's guess as to who really messed up in certain areas. Two scenes really got to me. One, Bush is in center field and a fly ball is hit. He keeps looking and never ever sees the ball again! I just felt that it was a man that was still searching for his own soul. The other scene was a nightmare he had. He walks into the Oval Office and it's completely bare except for the presidential desk and chair. In the chair sits his father. His father taunts W. to a fight. As the scuffle begins, George wakes up screaming. Sure, I can make this all psychological. I just saw a man that was still looking for approval, and never got it. There are many who have "daddy issues." No matter how old they get.

Regardless of your views politically, I saw this movie and just felt so bad for the man. Now, in real life something happened on January 20th. Of course, my candidate did not take office. When I watched President Bush climb aboard Marine One, I have to admit I was very sad. There was a lump in my throat. I didn't like seeing him leave. Others I have heard of, cheered. Well, I guess many of us see things differently. Only history will reveal what really transpired during Bush's reign. You know, they are still reviewing what George Washington did! And that was a long time ago. At any rate, I enjoyed the movie from the human aspect. Sure, I know Oliver Stone and company wanted to portray him in a poor light. My speculation. At any rate, it showed me that all are human, and all of us someday will answer to a God who created us all. May the peace of Christ be with you all.

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