Friday, February 27, 2009

O'Reilly And The Ratings

I thought I'd end the week with some interesting news. Bill O'Reilly's newsletter email revealed some interesting things about the ratings. With all the hype about the new administration, it's interesting to note what networks did the best. Bill explains it well in this excerpt. I think that if you took a real poll with a good cross-section of the U.S., it would come out a whole lot different than what the left would have us believe. Be well.

(Quote) The TV ratings for February have been tabulated, and in the world of cable news, there is weeping among the left. The two networks that most favor President Obama, CNN and MSNBC, got hammered by the Fox News Channel, which is generally tougher on the president. In fact, Fox News was the third highest prime-time rated cable network in America, behind USA and TNT. CNN was 15th, MSNBC... a dismal 23rd. (End Quote)

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