Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost Seems To Be "Lost"

I haven't missed one episode of "Lost." Even though I feel it has waned a bit, it is by far the best thing going on TV these days. I cannot believe I have all these channels and nothing decent to watch. I don't like sports, so-called reality shows, game shows and the ilk, but I do love the Discovery, History and Biography channels. That's why I keep a stash of DVD's I love, just in case!

Last night the whole time travel thing started to get a bit old. That is, unless they tie in all the pieces to wrap up the loose ends. I loved it a lot better when the mystery was involved. I don't think they should have "off'ed" Charlie. Rose and Bernard are dead weight and I could really do without Ben Linus. Just don't like the guy at all. Okay, in real life he might be a cool guy, I just don't like his character.

If they explain the number deal and the black smoke monster thing, I'll be happy. Actually my favorite moments of the show are the real "human" emotions that come through. Like when Kate tells Jack, "I've always been there for you." Or when Sawyer sees Kate and you can see the pain in his eyes. Plus, the one that gets me the most is when Des and Penny finally talked by phone. The evidence of love was apparent and that was one of the best scenes ever!

JJ Abrams is a fantastic story teller. The caveat to me is that he tends to lose it towards the end. He did that in "Alias." It kind of drifted into, well, nothing. I'm hoping there's some great pinnacle of truth or reason that finally wraps up the whole story. Did I mention the black smoke thing? Ha.Well, all in all, it is just a show. But, it still intrigues me even though it has lost some of its luster. And since I really dislike all so-called reality shows, "Lost" IS the best thing going. Let's hope that Abrams can pull it all together for a great ending. To be fair, it's easy to be an armchair critic. I do love Abrams' work even though he loses steam at times. I have my own version of how it should end. I see the survivors flying off the island, all together, and as they look back at the island, you can hear an overdub of the "whispers" and all fades to black. Hey JJ you hearing me dude? Ha. Echoes of Hurley there. Be well all!


  1. Hi Randy! Well, although the time travel aspect of "Lost" confuses me, the show has not lost its luster for me. It's still my favorite show ever, and the one I most look forward to every week. The bottom line for me is the characters. As I've said on my blog, I've become invested in them...and like you, I love those "moments" like the one between Kate and Jack...Sawyer's obvious love for Kate...Desmond and Penny.

    I have to disagree with you that most women want a "Sawyer," though. We may be attracted to Sawyers, but most of us know that's usually not the kind of guy you want to be with for the long haul. In real life, "Sawyers" are not good marriage material! :)

    Although one commenter on my blog said Jack is just too "Type A" for her! :)

    Anyway, I know you won't give up on the show. I think the loose ends will be tied up eventually. I just hope the ending will be a satisfying one for all of us who have loyally stuck with the show!

  2. Cindy,

    I appreciate the comments. You are "technically" correct that women won't find "Sawyers" marrying material, but I see so many women with them even though they say, "I want a nice guy!" However, Sawyer does have his "nice" moments.

    Plus, Jack is too Type "A." I can spot them because I used to be one. Thankfully in my old age (grin) I've settled down a bit.

    And...I won't give up the show. It IS the best thing going. I'll be sad when the final ep airs.

    Thanks for writing Cindylou,