Saturday, April 18, 2009


I've seriously neglected this blog for some time. Really, I just haven't had any interest lately in keeping up. Now, how's that for honesty? I don't know sometimes. As we gear up for some hard times before the near return of the Lord, I guess my thoughts have been elsewhere. Been thinking about other things.

My thoughts will be short today. I was thinking about technology. How far we've come. And...there's the good and the bad. Good as it makes things easier in one sense but in another bad. With all the good things, big brother can watch us more. Well, so goes the show.

I was thinking about how anxious I was "waiting" for my CD burner to take two minutes to burn my CD! I remember the old days when I had to play an entire LP as I was recording it to cassette tape in "real time." Depending on the length of the LP it could be a 45 minute or longer process.

Instant oatmeal, coffee, CD burning, and more. I wonder sometimes if it's going way too fast. I think I know my answer. Be well all.

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