Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost: Faraday

I was so glad that a new ep of "Lost" was coming on. It really revolved around Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies). I really like his character. Although he seems confused and preoccupied the man is a genius and very troubled. However, after tonight's episode I wasn't too fond of Eloise his mother. I won't give the spoiler but the show just didn't end right tonight. One of the sad scenes is when Daniel saw Charlotte as a youngster knowing that as an adult he lost her! Very sad. Jeremy Davies is a great actor and I give him kudos for his portrayal of an obvious genius who seems eccentric. Boy, after tonight's episode, where do they go from here? It's still funny though that Sawyer still gives people nicknames. He called Daniel, H.G. Wells. That's Sawyer for you. Well, that's my recap for this week's ep of "Lost." looks like next week we are in for more!

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