Monday, April 28, 2008

The River's Edge

The waters cascade over the protruding rocks within the rippling waters. The river runs with constant velocity at a steady pace. I sit along the river bank taking it all in. The sun is ebbing its way through the western sky casting a shining glimmer of rays upon the water's surface. The wind eases its way through the trees as the leaves rustle. I'm at peace. Yes, I'm at peace.

It seems like I'm always at peace when I'm by the water's edge. It takes me back to a time when as a kid I would spend hours in the outdoors. We had a big forest of trees close to where I lived on the farm. I'd find myself taking the trek to the woods, listening to the sounds of nature. There was a small brook that made its winding way through those woods. Again, pure peace. The light of the summer sun would trickle its rays through those trees shining upon my face.

The other day as I sat by the river bank, I was overcome with thankfulness to my Lord. My prayer was simple yet profound. I was telling the Lord that the last few years of my life have been rather difficult. There were days I didn't think I'd survive some of the horrendous things I had been through. I then repented. I told my Lord that I know he was there all the time and wouldn't let me go. How sorry I was for those times of doubt and insecurity. He truly has been good to me. The old hymn "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me" came to mind. The chorus goes:

I trust in God
I know he cares for me
On the mountain peak
Out on the stormy sea
Though the billows may roll
He keeps my soul
My heavenly father watches over me

Sometimes in my sardonic way, I can become a bit jaded and think that the Lord is out to lunch on my behalf. However, as I have written so many times before, he changes not! I may not always pray when I should, but he never gives up on me! Good times or bad, my heavenly father watches over me. I feel guilty at times when I seem to let him down and he never wavers on his love for me! I'm reminded though that I couldn't do it on my own. He picks me up even when I've let him down.

That day by the river was therapeutic. As the river made its course through the roadside park on its way south, the waves kept moving at the current pace, I was reminded that God always works in perfect precision. If the Lord can create this earth at the correct tilt of the axis for the seasons and far enough from the sun to create just the correct amount of temperature, how could I not trust him? Romans One is always a reminder of God's great creation. Plus, in the gospels, if he cares for the lillies of the field, the sparrows that fly, how much more does he care for me? May that day by the river always be a constant reminder of how much he loves us!

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