Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I made my trek down the very long lane from the house to the mailbox that set beside the road. I looked at the black metallic box that was fastened to the wooden pole. At times I felt that the mailbox was more like "Pandora's box" than an actual mailbox. That was even before I knew anything about the Greek myth. I'm all of twelve years old. I make my way to the box and put my hand on the lid. Like Pandora's box, I didn't know what surprises would be in store that day. I could open it and find out. Would there just be the same old utility bills and flyers from the local stores in the mail today? Or, maybe, would my treasure await me?

I had gone to that box every day for the week just hoping. As I took in my breath, and released a sigh, I hoped. As I slowly opened the box, there it was! That brown corrugated box that held my treasure. The treasure of a book and model kit on the Apollo Space Mission! I couldn't believe it. It was here. I scrambled to grab the box out as quickly as possible. I started yelling, "It's here, it's here, it's finally here!" I think I went into some kind of dance at that moment. I mean, I was yelling loudly. It was a good thing I was in the country. I wonder what the neighbors across the road thought if they were watching?! I had been waiting for this model kit and book for weeks. Now, joy of all joys, it was there. I had many hours of fun going through the pictures of the Apollo mission and putting together the lunar and command modules. Oh the excitement of a twelve year old. I wonder where those days have gone?

Now, being many years down the road, I think of other things. I was pondering last night about the Lord coming to this earth the first time. I can hear the song, "Joy to the world, the Lord is come, Let earth receive her king! Let every heart prepare Him room, And heaven and nature sing!" There are times that I have to stop in the midst of things and "really" think about the Lord's coming. He didn't have to come. He could have let mankind die in their sins. But, he loved us so much that he didn't stay in heaven. He came here to redeem mankind!

So, even though I was a twelve-year old kid excited about a book and model kit and the sheer rapture of it all, how much more should I now, be excited that the Lord came to this earth for me. Time for me to do my little dance again! And greater still, will be the day when he comes back the second time and parts the eastern sky and we go to be with him. Let me tell you, it'll be greater than any earthly trinket our hearts could desire. "Our Lord is coming back to earth again, satan will be bound a thousand years, we'll have no tempter then, when Jesus comes back to earth again."

Think of all the wonderful moments of your life. Combine them all together. Quite a thought, isn't it? Then, think of the Lord coming back for us. All of our greatest moments on this earth will pale in comparison to that glorious day of his arrival. How could we not love him so? The one who died for us? The king of kings and Lord of Lords. That will be the best arrival of all!


  1. What a cute story...I could just imagine a little version of Randy getting so excited about that package! Great word picture too. You're a terrific writer, Randy...keep doing it!

  2. Do I know you? Man, I've been negligent in my blog comments. Please forgive me. I have not forgotten you. Great post. I wish we could all get as excited as we really should about Jesus. I just think that deep down in our hearts somewhere we become complacent and deal with our own doubt.