Sunday, January 15, 2012

Denver goes down, My hope is Green Bay

Well, it was a beating. Not just a game, but a beating. Denver lost to New England by the score of 45 to 10. However, I have to give credit to Tom Brady that he did play an amazing game.
The news read:

"Tom Brady calls signals in Foxborough on Saturday during his record-setting six-TD performance in the Patriots' 45-10 rout of Tim Tebow and the Broncos." So if you're a fan of Denver or not, Brady pulled off a fine performance in last night's game.

We could go on and on about the media shark pool going after Tebow. That's been debated enough and I'll let it go at that. However, my big game is today. Green Bay with home advantage takes on the New York Giants. The Giants really beat the Falcons in a big way with their win over them by 24 to 2. Sure, I'm hoping that Green Bay wins. It would be great to see Green Bay win two years in a row in the Super Bowl. However, I am a realist. They could go down. Even if they do, they had a great season and played well. If they do win the Super Bowl, I will be elated.

What would be interesting if Green Bay pulls off a win against New York they would then play San Francisco. That was an amazing game in itself against New Orleans. It went back and forth towards the end.

Also, if San Francisco does beat Green Bay if the Pack gets to play them, I'll still go for San Fran the rest of the way. I normally want any team that beats Green Bay to lose. But in this case, I defer to change my thinking. Not that any of us has done that! Grin.

I know it's only a football game. And many don't like sports. That's okay. However, there are a lot of worse things to watch, like reality TV shows! Ugh. Anyway, I hope Rodgers and company can hold their own and take down the Giants as David took down that dreaded Philistine. On tomorrow's blog I will be rejoicing or lamenting. Ha. Have a great weekend.

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