Monday, January 16, 2012

Green Bay Does It To Themselves

Well, it's over. For me anyway. Football for the year is done. Man, I love Green Bay but if they played every week like they did yesterday, you'd never know they were last year's Super Bowl Champions. Maybe it was that they had a couple of weeks off without playing. But, I don't want to give them an "excuse" for losing. With all due credit to the Giants, they played an incredible game. Green Bay pretty much beat themselves. Of course, technically, the Giants beat Green Bay. But most of you get my drift.

If San Francisco takes it that would be alright. But again, it really doesn't matter to me now. I have to refocus. It's only a game. I know how on edge I got during the World Series and the Rangers went down the way they did. In two games they were one strike away from winning and blew it. I used to laugh at those that got emotionally charged at a game. Then I found myself doing it. Well, now I can relax. Green Bay is out and I really don't mind who wins it now. As the old saying goes, "there are bigger fish to fry."

Sure, sports can be an escape and that's fine. But, when you look at the news, and the state of our nation, there are bigger things to take my attention. Well, it's a Monday. The start of a new week. And...Our God is good!

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