Monday, June 29, 2009

Madoff And Remorse

I'm never happy when someone falls. However, all must give an account of their actions. Here's a comment from today's news on Bernard Madoff's statement:

Scattered applause and whoops broke out in the crowded Manhattan courtroom after U.S. District Judge Denny Chin issued the maximum sentence to the 71-year-old defendant, who said he lives "in a tormented state now, knowing all the pain and suffering I've created." (From the AP.)

Now, no one should ever gloat over someones failures. I should hasten to add that those who do terrible things must be punished. That goes with reason. But, this is what I hear from so many that get "caught." Madoff says, "I'm in a tormented state now, knowing the pain and suffering I've created." Obviously I don't know the man's heart. Only God does. Let me add a comment though. Would Madoff say this "if" he hadn't been caught? Again, only God knows. It seems so convenient to say "I'm sorry" once you've been caught. "If" the person while committing atrocities knows it's wrong and they feel bad about it, stop! goes the show.

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