Friday, June 5, 2009

Bright Days Dark Nights

Recently I mentioned a friend who was facing a severe depression. She's not a believer. But it even goes on in the church. I find in today's church world no one wants to talk about depression. Even though many Christians too, deal with this insidious torture of the mind. Elizabeth Ruth Skoglund has written a fantastic book on Charles Spurgeon's life called, "Bright Days, Dark Nights." Did you know there were times that Spurgeon's life was so bad that men had to carry him to the pulpit so he could even preach a sermon?

It seems many believers want only fun and frivolity. And they turn aside from those who are depressed. Well, to be fair, maybe they just don't know what to say. They could at least tell that person they will pray for them. There are so many ill-informed believers that think only prayer will take it all away. Did they ever think for a moment that God does use doctors and meds to help those who go through the ordeal? I'm sure Spurgeon could have used the help if it was available then.

It's so easy to pass judgment when a person hasn't been there. However, I don't need to go through some horrible ordeal to show compassion for others that go through something I have no idea about. Isn't it about time the body of Christ starts showing some real compassion instead of wagging tongues? Where were many believers before they came to Christ? Drug addicts, drunks, gamblers, you name it. I hope we all show more humility and grace in the days to come. There is a world dying for the need of Christ. But, sometimes the church is too busy attacking their own wounded they have no time to see the harvest in front of them. To be fair, I've been guilty of this and I've had to repent many times. May the peace of Christ be with you all.

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