Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Was It A Debate?

My friend Joel hit it on the head with his post about the debate last night with Obama and McCain. What Debate? Really, neither side convinced me of anything.

I may have many who may disagree with me on the following comments. That's quite okay. I don't follow the crowd anyway. But to begin with, vote! I've always felt that if a person doesn't vote they have no right to rant on the things they don't like about an administration. They had their chance. I still believe that as Americans we should vote according to the conscience that God has given us. With that being said, I really think that whoever wins won't change a lot in this country. I know that sounds very negative.

It was back in around 1980 when I heard Lester Roloff say in a church service I attended that he thought the USA was so far gone and in a whirlpool that it couldn't find its way out. Now, this man of God was speaking on the subject twenty-eight years ago. He couldn't be more right. Even more so today. Sure, I want the best for this country. I just believe that the end times are upon us. No party will save us. They all promise grandiose things. How many of those things come to fruition?

Plus, did this "bailout" accomplish anything? It seems every day taxpayers have to shell out the bucks for the greedy men on Wall Street who sold out America. Don't misread what I've spoken about. I still pray for this country. We are told to do so according to the Word. The Lord though will have his way. Regardless of who is elected, God's corporate Will must be accomplished. I do see dark days ahead. I believe we should pray more and more for our country. Also we need to pray for those who don't yet know our Lord.

There are so many bad things that are happening. If there's any good news it's that God is still in control. We have him in our lives. Those of us who have placed our trust in his provision for us on the Cross. Really, with everything that is going on I sense the his coming could be closer than we think. So when bad times hit, remember, we still serve a God who loves, protects and will guide us. For that I am thankful. Let's pray for our leaders. Let's also pray for those who still need to come to the Cross of Christ. Be well.

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