Sunday, October 12, 2008

America's Crossroads

You would do yourself a service by reading The Seventh Sola. He writes about The Final Question. It seems so many want to keep their heads buried in the sand. This country is going to pieces bit by bit. But, we keep hearing the commercials, "Get it now", "You're looking smarter than ever", "Save money, live better", "Zero percent down, twenty years to pay" (okay, that was a hyperbole), etc. It's even fallen into the church. Remember, Old Nero fiddled while Rome burned. I could go on about the "real" historical reason why he did, but I thought the comment added some icing right about there.

Even in the worst of times, we have had it so good. Even the poorest person in this country has lived better than most of the world. Remember God said that if you sow to the wind, you'll reap the whirlwind! And so goes the show. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows that he shall also reap. God deals with man individually but also, he deals with a nation corporately!

Now, we have the government bailing out the greedy men of Wall Street. To add insult to injury, we have government wanting control of the banks. Does this have a ring of government takeover? Plus, the everyday taxpayer has to pay for the greed of the dudes in the Brooks Brothers suits who made some really bad decisions. Did the bailout help? No. The stocks keep dropping. At least of today's date And so goes the show.

We wanted the piper to play. But, in the end the piper will demand more than his fair share for his music. Nero fiddled and Rome burned. My brother Terry and I were saved in the early seventies. I remember him telling me over and over that he never thought that we'd see the year 2000. He really thought that the Lord would have came back by then. So did I. But, now, I can see without myopic view why its had to take so long. We are also fighting a battle overseas that will eventually lead to our shores. The trojan horse is here.

Regardless of who wins the election, God's Corporate Will must be unveiled. And it will. America has been asleep for too long. I entitled this post, "America's Crossroads." By some I'll be waved off as another alarmist. That's okay. Those who ignore the Word can't possibly have any divine revelation. Do I like this? Rhetorical. No, I don't. I see dark days ahead. The good news is that those of us who know the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are on the brink of seeing him face to face. I used to be pre-trib but I've dropped that idea. I only pray that the Body of Christ will be raptured before the great and terrible Day of the Lord happens. He really is all we can count on. Even so, Lord Jesus, Come quickly.

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