Monday, October 20, 2008

Gordon Jensen

I'd thought he'd literally fell off the radar. Gordon Jensen has a long musical career of writing and singing many songs that you may know. "Redemption Draweth Nigh" and "I Should Have Been Crucified" are two that immediately comes to mind. I became a believer in 1973. One of my earliest influences in gospel music was that of Gordon Jensen. And..."Redemption Draweth Nigh" was the first song I think I heard him sing. I got to know Gordon through the years. I aired his music, interviewed him and was able just to have some great one-on-one times with him in conversation.

My brother Terry and I reminisce over a couple of our favorites: "Small Wooden Bridge" and "Bring Back The New Again." When I moved to Rockford Illinois in the late eighties his current album was "Tuesdays and Thursdays." After that, it seemed to me, that Gordon just left the planet. Not so. I found his new website and realized he took a low profile for awhile. He still sings and ministers. I'm so glad he does. He's a remarkable man, likable and humble. The latter is what strikes me so much. He isn't caught up in his own importance. Also, some of his old recordings are now on CD. Which makes me very happy.

Today, I was able to spend about an hour on the phone with Gordon talking about the old days, what he's doing now, radio stuff, Nashville, etc. He's still the same down to earth guy as he's always been. He still travels and ministers and that makes me very glad indeed.

It seems these days we have all the high-tech music and gadgets. But, I can put on one of Gordon's older releases and still catch the "wind of the Spirit" once again. It was nice catching up with someone that I have a deep respect for in the music ministry. Have a good day everyone.

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