Saturday, August 23, 2008

Draw Me Lord

Oh Draw Me Lord
And I'll run after you!

It would be easy to say I live on the mountaintop most days. However, if we are truthful, sometimes that just isn't the case. Lately, to my chagrin, I've been fumbling my way through the valley. At these times, I feel very alone.

However, I've learned more in my valleys than I've ever learned in the good times. Sure, I like feeling good, don't all of us want it that way? Rhetorical. Sometimes life just throws us the curves when we are looking for the straight away fast ball.

I have to do an attitude check from time to time. I'm due for one right now I believe. Not easy, but well worth it. Lately a song that David Baroni wrote has touched me deeply. By the way, David is a tremendous writer and singer. I have admired his music since the mid eighties. The song has been popular by Selah. Simply called, "Draw Me Lord." I've found myself humming this tune over and over.

Also my Calvinistic tendencies come through. Verses that say, "we love him for he first loved us" and "you have not chosen me but I have chosen you." This song amplifies the great love of God to me. "Draw me Lord! And...I'll run after you!" It's easy for me to run "from" God when I go through deep waters. However, that's the very time I need to run "to" him. When will I ever learn?

Let the clip of this song touch you. No, it's not Selah's version, but you'll like it just the same. I'm hoping anyway! As always, and they aren't just words, may the peace of Christ be with us all!

Draw Me Lord Clip

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