Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Currently in Portland

Susan, Randy, Chad

Well, I haven't posted in awhile. Been kind of busy. Currently I am posting this from Portland Oregon. I'm visiting my friends Chad and Susan. I'll post more about the trip and add more pics later. We went to the Pacific Ocean yesterday. Here's Chad, Susan and myself at Cannon Beach Oregon by the ocean. I've seen the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico but this is a first for me to see the Pacific. It is really cold here! Well, for me anyway. It's been in the fifties and raining everyday. But, I'm enjoying the trip. Will write more later. Be well and have a good week.


  1. I love the Pacific, but it is much colder than the Atlantic unless you're WAY down south.

    How about Griffey getting 600?

  2. Roger,

    Yeah, the Pacific is colder. But, still great to see.

    I'm glad Griffey got 600. My only downside is that I wished he had hit it in Cincy. However, he made it! That's the good news!


  3. So, where are you now? I actually have something I want to talk to you about when you get a chance. Drop me a line.