Thursday, January 21, 2016

That time again!

It's that time. School again. I haven't really written a lot about my school experience. So, here's a short synopsis of the events as they occurred.

I had gone through a bad personal time. I had been living out west and looking forward to a new future. It didn't come to pass. So, I moved back to Ohio feeling a bit overwhelmed and defeated. I was thinking, "Where do I go from here." I knew I was relying upon God but kind of--felt lost--in my daily life.

I'd found out that others had gone back to school at my age. For a lot of my life I was in radio broadcasting. Recently I had been doing voice over work for some stations. I also had a strong interest in the Computer information technology field. I had been repairing computers, updating software and doing generalized IT work for friends and family.

It's never too late to go back to school. I needed something to distract me as well. My new future out west came to an abrupt halt. So, I "really" needed a way to get focused and move ahead. I made arrangements and met with a student advisor at the local community college. It was probably one of the best things I could have done at the time. So, I enrolled in Networking Computer Management. So, here's a guy in his fifties going back to school. I even thought I'd be older than most of the instructors.

So, in my fifties, I'm carrying a backpack and going to school. It's been a great ride for the most part. Yes, overall it's been good, only with a few bumps in the road. Then, I got a letter saying I could be inducted into the honor society of Phi Theta Kappa. After joining I was able to become President. I also became involved in the National Leadership and Success Society. For a short time I was in the Student Government as well. I'm currently carrying a 3.7 GPA. I guess that's not too bad for a guy in his fifties.

It's been a long run. It's taken a bit longer to get through it due to some health and family issues. However, the end is in sight! I have this semester with one class and I will be done! Yay! I need to give the Lord the credit for helping me pull this off. I know some would be frightened at the prospect of going back. It's funny, I didn't have that feeling. I was "gung-ho" as the saying goes. I delved right in and "went for it." Admittedly, I had some rough moments. I did well in most classes and struggled in a few. I guess that's true of anyone.

As I near the conclusion of this time in my life, I am feeling some different things. One: a bit relieved that it's about over. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I did it. However, with all the classes and time, it seems like it's been a long journey. Secondly: I am thrilled to be able to graduate and have completed something where I have learned a new skill set for life.

It's never too late to do something. It reminds me of an Eagles song that says, "Do Something." The song basically says don't stay idle but get out and do something. All in all, I'm happy. To be honest, I did better than I thought I would have. When you get older, sometimes, our study habits become less stringent. I had to set times to complete studies. It's all paying off. So, after I finish this semester and that degree is in my hand, I'll thank God for all he helped me to do.

Final note: If you are impressed to do something, do it. As I said before, I wondered if I could do it and with the Lord's help, I did. Plus I appreciate all of those that have been a support to me along the way. I have had many wonderful friends and family plus some great instructors along the way. I've been blessed. Now, grab my books and get ready to finish well. SDG

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