Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Glenn Frey: A remembrance!

Well, we say goodbye to Glenn Frey at the age of 67. As one of the founding members of "The Eagles" he leaves behind a lot of music and legacy. He and Don Henley did so much to form the Eagles. They were the two mainstays that wrote, produced, orchestrated and sang so many of the old songs. Sure, they had their riffs at times. Don goes on to say though they were like brothers.

I had no idea that Glenn was going through so many physical battles. I remember though listening to so much of their music through the years. Glenn and Don were a match in the writing department. With all due respect though, I think Don's voice is like velvet. Glenn's is strong though. His lead on my favorite song, "Lyin' Eyes" is always a favorite.

With technology though, the music lives on. I also loved Glenn Frey's solo release, "Strange Weather." It's still one of my personal classics that I own to this day! He will be missed. So, I'm gonna dig out some of the Eagles stuff and give it a listen again. Memories. Glenn will be missed!

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