Friday, December 30, 2011

The Political Mess

Today, just as a primer, I'm getting back in the groove of writing. I didn't think I'd miss this little blog of mine. But after looking back over past posts I had forgotten some of the things I had written and remembering some events that occurred on certain dates. I have a fondness for writing even if no one else reads it at all. I had a couple readers at one time. But, I write more for the joy of it than for it to be read by others. However, if you do read it, I'm more than thrilled. Today, I'm just posting a thought or two and I'll really dig in more this weekend or the first of the week.

I'm thinking of the political mess that's going on. I have noticed on Facebook a lot of comments concerning the GOP runners. It doesn't seem we have any real solid contenders to take lead. One of my friends, Joel, said we cannot find another Reagan. Boy, has he got that right. Plus, who'd want all that scrutiny anyway? I was wondering why someone would want to run and possibly take over the great mess that the current administration has us in? Really, who would want that job? Rhetorical? Maybe not. There seems to be plenty who'd love to be the leader of the country.

I had just finished watching the series on "John Adams." This was a pivotal time for our country. Adams was overlooked I think in the big picture. He did a lot to help this country become a free nation, independent,and to help in the Declaration and so much more. We came real close for the Declaration to "not" even come into being. Back then, these founders would rather have suffered in many ways for they believed in freedom so much. They didn't worry about the press, polls and other such things. They had this dream of being a republic. Many put their lives on the line to secure the freedom of this nation.

What we have today is those that run for the office and many do it for the wrong reason. They will waffle on their opinions and views just to get elected. And it takes enormous amounts of money to get them the "highest seat in the land." Oh, how we have fallen so. I'm not saying our Founding Fathers were perfect. They certainly were not. They had their faults. They wanted freedom but thought owning slaves was okay. That's just one example. There are more.

We are in perilous times. High unemployment, businesses closing, the dollar at a low, our Triple A rating shot, Again, I don't know why someone would want the job. But, someone has to do it. And I hope it's someone that has a conviction in their heart for God and His precepts. I think it was in the movie on Adams where someone said, "If men were angels we'd have no need for government." How true.

Finally, I certainly believe we are closing in on the end times. Where we are at on the prophetical clock "exactly" I don't know. I DO know we are close. As believers we are called to pray for those in authority. We may not like who is in there, but we are called to pray. And let's pray that whomever is elected that we continue to pray. Really when it all boils down it comes down to this for me: Even so come quickly Lord Jesus. When He eventually rules from the Throne of David, it will be in righteousness. Have a great weekend everyone. And, it sure felt good to type again. I smile as I end this post! Be well all.

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