Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wrestling With God

Many of us know the story of Jacob wrestling with God. After the match, he was told his name would no longer be called Jacob but Israel. And...Jacob had to walk with a limp afterwards.

The lesson I learn from this is that sometimes we want our own way and in a spiritual sense we "wrestle" with God. And sometimes, our wrestling with God causes us to grow but from that battle we may walk with a limp. I'll make the story even more inviting.

The story is told of a shepherd that will tend his sheep. If one sheep tends to go astray too often, the shepherd will take that one sheep and "break" one of his legs. The leg heals and the sheep walks with a limp but will never leave the fold again.

I think sometimes that is what God has to do with us. There are times we stray, we walk away from God or we desire "our" own way too much. When will we learn that doing it God's way is always better. But, God loves us so much that if we do get "out of line" God will break us for our own good. Sure, we'll walk with a limp, but how much better to never leave the side of God again. I know, I'd much rather walk with a limp and be in God's fold than to go it alone without him.

So, if you're struggling today, and you are wondering what God is doing in your life, maybe God is molding and mending you into His way. It's difficult to praise God in times like that. But if we can see the outcome that we'll stay close to the Father, then it'll all be worth it. Blessings to you all.

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